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Posted Thursday, 03 November 2016

This is our second popcorn review and I am starting to enjoy 'tasting' popcorn! This week the whole office got involved and tried five different flavours from Proper Popcorn.

Proper popcorn

Firstly let's talk about the packaging. The brown packaging is quite simple and artisan looking and the popcorn is visible from the front. It gives you a glimpse of what flavour you are having. This week we tried Vanilla Bourbon, Hot Chocolate, Butterscotch, and Cinnamon. 

So I shall start with my favourites. I loved the Vanilla Bourbon and the Hot Chocolate. The Vanilla Bourbon was very subtle but still sweet. Maybe I liked the fact that it has alcohol however you can't taste it. The Hot Chocolate was a nice surprise, spicy and sweet. I think it is an acquired taste because only two out of four of us loved it. Saying all this, I think the name is slightly deceiving. Hot Chocolate sounds like it's a chocolate flavour so I think Spicy Chocolate might work better?

The other flavours we tried were Cinnamon and Butterscotch. Both very nice and others in my office might argue that the Butterscotch is the best of the four flavours we tried.

Overall, I really like Proper Popcorn. It is not too sweet and there is a variety of flavours that are all different and yum! The pack is a good size and is filling. You may not event need to eat a whole one to get the popcorn hit. What I really like about this popcorn is that it still feels healthy because none of the flavours are too sweet and they are quite subtle and not overbearing.

If you do like to try some popcorn I would recommend getting a couple of bags and trying one of the fantastic flavours. You can order and find out more via:

T: 08184480802 (Whatsapp)


Instagram: @properpopcornng 


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