PRODUCT OF THE WEEK | Thando's Shoes

Posted Wednesday, 23 November 2016

So you are out and about, you have been in heels all day, your feet hurt but you can't wear slippers to meet your friend for dinner even though it is a chilled dinner. What do you do? Thando's offer a great solution. The shoes are easy, foldable, and comfortable. The idea of Thando's is what has made it our product of the week. 

Thando's Shoes

We love that this is a Nigerian brand by a Nigerian. We also love the fact that the founder is a woman. Trump might not agree with us but women are on the rise!

Thandos' are foldable ballerina pumps. They com in a variety of colours, some more subtle than others. The range starts with black and navy and moves to an exploration of ankara fabrics. There is also an introduction of patent toe tips and there are also open toe styles. I personally prefer the plane or ankara versions as a simple and colourful alternative to sandals.

What makes Thandos' unique is that they are machine washable and you can also get them in large sizes. I do know a number of people who find it difficult to find nice simple shoes because they have large feet. There aren't a lot of Nigerian shoe brands let alone shoe brands that cater for people with large feet.

Overall, we love the idea of Thandos' and we are keen to see what they do next within the African artisan space either with shoes or other products. You can purchase a pair head to and you can find out more at and


A bit about Product of the Week:

Every week either Lost in Lagos staff or you the consumer will be sent an item to test and comment on. These products will be anything from a tasty meal to a scoop of delicious ice-cream or from a piece of furniture to a cute designer wallet. We are sourcing local businesses, shops and designers so we can tell you about what’s new and what’s hot in Lagos.

If you have a product you want us to test, let us know and we will try to get our hands on it so you know if it is right for you.

A bit about me:

I am a young, 30 something lady who loves Lagos and trying new things. From restaurants and exotic food, to experiencing new places and cities, I love new new! Having new businesses and companies popup in Lagos on a daily basis makes Lagos exciting and a fantastic place to live.

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