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Posted Tuesday, 02 May 2017


"The root of all health is in the brain. The trunk of it is in emotion. The branches and leaves are the body. The flower of health blooms when all parts work together."

Kurdish Folk Wisdom



bnatural MedSpa stands out amongst the many spas popping up around Lagos, with an extensive menu of treatments that will appeal to anyone. They offer a range of nail, makeup, eyebrow and hairdressing services. Their exquisite facials and invigorating Hammam scrubs are just a few of the ways they are able to melt away the stress that life burdens us with.

Their massage options range from standard Swedish and Deep Tissue to a unique heated Lava Shell massage with a seaweed oil blend.  The shells come from the South Pacific and possess properties that makes them the perfect tools for a massage. Massage therapists use the narrow edge along the mouth of the shell for targeted deep work. They use the smooth rounded surface for even pressure and comfort in long, relaxing strokes. Yet another reason why bnatural is truly unique!

The first medical spa in Nigeria, bnatural MedSpa has been offering treatments to ease the mind, body and soul for over 15 years. They understand the importance of creating a serene experience at the spa and the necessity of ensuring every client leaves more relaxed than when they came. With three locations in Abuja, Ikeja and Victoria Island, bnatural not only offers spa treatments for relaxation, but as a med spa they also offer alternative medical treatments administered by U.S. board-certified medical staff using medical grade products.



You often hear that to look good, you must feel good. The reverse is also true. The confidence that comes with clear skin and smooth lines can't always be achieved through diet and exercise alone. Sometimes you need some extra help.


The med spa at bnatural offers aesthetic dermatological services like Botox to erase fine lines for younger looking skin; Dermal Fillers for body contouring to improve volume under the skin; and cosmetic Laser treatments for hair removal, acne and stretch marks. The AOS System Peel and the VI Peel prevent and treat photodamage, hydrate skin, lighten dark spots, and improves firmness and skin texture.



Medical treatments in Lagos can be intimidating, especially when needles or lasers are involved. However, bnatural clients put their trust in the spa's highly trained staff with no fears. In addition to certification and training in a range of treatments, the bNatural spa team is united in their commitment to ensure their clients look their best. Each procedure is performed in a sterile

environment where clients can be certain both their safety and privacy will be respected. With such natural results, no one will know why you look so young and refreshed! The client is ensured a comfortable experience, both physically and mentally.

Gifting tranquility and peace is a great way to share the bnatural experience. A certificate for any treatment at bnatural is the greatest gift, a gift that releases endorphins, relieves stress and encourages relaxation.


When the body is at ease, the mind also benefits. There is no quicker way to achieve this tranquility than through a spa treatment at bnatural.


11 Oduduwa Way, GRA, Ikeja

Phone: 0808028772, 08098038772



Victoria Island

14 Abagbon close, off Ologun Agbaje Street, Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island

Phone: 08150488772, 08150498772




20 Mediterranean Street, Imani Estate, Maitama

Phone: 08098838772, 0808858772



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