Piyo Workout

Posted Tuesday, 16 May 2017

I’ve heard some pronounce it Pee-Yo and others Pie-Yo; admittedly, the latter is the correct pronunciation.  But we’re not in an English Language lesson, so…. back to the point.  


What is PiYo?   PiYo is an exhilarating, fulfilling and music-fuelled studio class that can be mood enhancing and deeply gratifying.  The class is broken down into 10 sections, but the final outcome is that every body part and muscle will be awakened, all whilst being gentle on the joints. Each choreographed movement for PiYo has been pre designed to incorporate every fitness discipline - Cardio, Strength Work, balance work, flexibility, Power (HIIT) and Core Work.


What are the benefits?  For starters you sweat a lot.  I’ve heard some draw parallel’s to a 60minute (or 30 minute, if you opt for a shorter class) detox! It’s a fat burning, muscle toning, tissue lengthening, heart pumping, and energizing activity.  Personally, it enhances my mood, in particularly when I watch others (occasionally struggling), but yet embracing and appreciating what they are capable of achieving.


Who can attend?  Most people can practice PiYo; fitness level, age and gender need not be an issue. It’s an activity that has a little something that everyone needs. It is attainable by most participants, as there are various ways of modifying many of the moves.  Plus it’s accessible to many, as I’m presently holding hourly and half hourly classes in the mornings and evenings in Ikoyi and Victoria Island.  

You do not require any equipment to attend PiYo besides a mat, a bottle of water and the desire to get the most out of your practice. It helps to be relaxed, open-minded and uncompetitive knowing you are doing something beneficial and result orientated.


For further information, regarding venues, days and times please revert to the following website ~ www.elitefigures.com.  


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