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Posted Friday, 01 September 2017

The story behind The Backyard Bar & Grill is one of friends coming together and creating something unique and new to the Lagos restaurant scene. The owners envisioned a small, quaint restaurant serving good grilled food, but this all changed when they found the perfect location in Victoria Island. Now their dream has transformed into a chic dining experience.

As the name suggests, there is a backyard and it is a lush space with seating and an extremely long bar. If you are coming in through the outdoor space then make sure to try the large wooden swing.

But the backyard is not what makes the restaurant a gastronomic experience. The interior of the restaurant is filled with artistic touches that bring joy to your mood. The furniture, light fixtures and artwork will have you feeling like you are in New York. The design is clean and neat, yet still somehow both rustic and industrial. From the pipe lights at the bar to the bicycle sink, there is always something to keep your eyes occupied while you chow down or drink up.

The food is as delightful as the space, or maybe even more so. The chefs who are Italian and Lebanese, created the menu. Though you may not find anything Italian or Lebanese to order, their creativity in the kitchen has brought about a simple menu that focuses on grills, sandwiches and salads with an emphasis on flavour.

Chicken wings are an all-time favourite starter and they are done here to perfection. Sticky, zingy and spicy is how the wings should be described. The combination of tangy spices transports you to a garden party full of friends. The wings go down well with the Moscow Mule, which is served with ginger beer and fresh lime. This is a go-to cocktail to keep your palate refreshed and ready for more food.

For a sweeter cocktail, the Strawberry Mojito will hit the spot. It is so good, it’s dangerous. You might forget you are drinking an alcoholic beverage and overindulge. Non-alcoholic cocktails are also on offer, as well as wines and beers.

The Smoothie Special is a very colourful, non-alcoholic drink and contains delicious notes of all the fruits you find when you ‘taste the rainbow.’

An option for a starter is the Shrimp Orientali. It is similar to shrimp tempura but with added spices and lime juice. The coating is crispy while the shrimp is firm on the outside but soft and silky on the inside. It is perfectly paired with a freshly made dip and it all tastes sublime.

There are a few imported items on the menu at The Backyard and the mushrooms are one of them. In the Stuffed Mushrooms, the mushrooms are not just stuffed, but also coated in breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese and herbs. The flavours are subtle, which works well with the tasty champignons.

There are a lot of options for starters but do not fill up at the beginning of your meal because the dishes for the main course taste divine.

The beef fillet is served with freshly-made mustard sauce on a bed of rocket. The beef is cooked medium-rare, so it is succulent. The tangy mustard dip is a welcome accompaniment. The rocket salad softens the flavours and it allows you to enjoy every bite.


Grilled seafood is a regular item you may find on a menu, but here the grilled jumbo prawns have a Nigerian twist. Taking inspiration from suya spices, the chefs at The Backyard go one step further by adding peanuts and garlic sauce. This dish is a mouthwatering delight that has you begging for more.


The Roasted Lamb Leg served with mashed potatoes, broccoli and gravy can be found under Specials, and rightly so. This is a ‘roast dinner’ extraordinaire. The moist lamb is layered with fluffy mash, crispy broccoli and flavourful gravy.


If you want to end the evening with a desserteven though there isn’t a dessert menu—it is still possible. If you have been to The Backyard already you may have noticed a building adjacent to the garden. It is a café and this is where you can order your desserts. The desserts range from tiramisu to white forest cake to doughnuts to ice cream.

The Backyard Bar & Grill is quickly becoming a regular Lagos spot and there is no doubt why. From the modern interior design to the exquisite and delicious food, The Backyard experience is not just enjoyable, but memorable.

The Backyard Bar & Grill

4b, Musa Yar'Adua Street, Victoria Island

t: +234 907 700 2000


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