Spot of the Month - The Foundry

Posted Monday, 01 September 2014

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From the entrance, slightly hidden from prying eyes, The Foundry letters are carved out of the battered scrap metal nailed to the wall, welcoming you into an unexpected little secret in the heart of Victoria Island. Nestled just past the inviting pool beautiful bougainvillea crawls around the unsuspecting building that is The Foundry. Its heavy and intimidating door opens into an industrial yet somehow cozy atmosphere. With a row of private booths on one side, and trendy New York style wooden tables partnered with striking red benches on the other, the inspiration is obvious. The factory style pendant lamps hang low over dense wooden tables, while the booths are lit with caged vintage bulbs. The details are not overlooked with the silky concrete effect on the walls and the red shiny toolbox that sits like the mascot for the restaurant. On the large metal bar at the back of the restaurant, also known as the Alchemist’s Chamber, sits a sexy coffee machine that would make a coffee connoisseur blush. Their South African Barista, who moonlights as The Foundry’s mixologist, masters the prized machine.



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But of course, we must not forget the details that go into the menu. The newspaper menu features all the delights you would expect from a London Gastro Pub, with quirky names for each dish.  The diversity of the menu allows for a smooth transition from a delicious breakfast croissant with velvety scrambled eggs and bacon, to a refreshing lunch of perhaps the Monte Cristo spiced beef salad with avocado and crispy bacon. Or venture into The Foundry in the evening with its romantic glow emanating from the pool lanterns and spilling through the large windows into the restaurant. Enjoy a mouthwatering mushroom burger or their creamy steak pasta with tender pieces of steak that melt in your mouth. Maybe you’re craving a breakfast touch to your dinner then the steak and eggs is a must. Presented in a shiny copper frying pan the fried egg accompanies a juicy steak cooked in a red wine balsamic sauce that gives it a sweet undertone.


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Your visit to The Foundry is not complete without trying one of their coffee masterpieces. Pick from a selection of their coffee creations that are a feast for the eyes as much as the taste buds. Their hazelnut latte is a layered beaut, their cappuccino is a classic and their espresso is the epitome of the machine’s powers.

Altogether The Foundry is a hideaway from the hectic city commotion that should be shared by friends and loved ones alike. Whether you sit by the pool for a romantic date or enjoy one of their boisterous live bands and DJs, The Foundry is unique, simply put.


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