Spot of the Month - Gemona West

Posted Wednesday, 05 July 2017

The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space. Gemona West Interior Designs was launched in 2015 with the philosophy that “the total experience is provided in a way to inform, inspire, and assist people through the process of transforming their home or business environment to become a unique and personalized expression of themselves.”

Gemona West was born from a passion for design by Deise Forgiarini Smith and Naomi Smith. A creative firm looking to improve the lifestyle of their clients, at Gemona West they believe that if you work and live in a happy environment you will be happier, more productive. The color of a room, the feel of a sofa, the textures on a wall, the way you feel when you sit behind your desk, all play with your senses. The way a room makes you feel can create comfort, confidence and a sense of safety in that space. Whether you’re at home or office, it’s important that your space is your sanctuary. That is why Deise listens very carefully to a client when they are putting together the mandatory brief, the first and most important step in understanding their vision. They create a full visual of your dream space, specialising in 3D renders so you don’t have to use your imagination.

The Gemona West style is modern contemporary, combining aspects of modern styles and designs with a contemporary flare. They carefully follow trends happening around the world by visiting international design expos in Milan, London and Dubai to ensure their clients are always en vogue. The current trends are bringing the outdoors indoors. Plants, real and artificial, are filling indoor spaces in creative ways to bring some of that outdoor warmth indoors. Design is a balance between form and function, which is a very important process for Gemona West.


At Gemona West they also believe in the importance of lighting. They believe lighting can change the feel and mood of a space, whether it’s in your home or office. Lighting changes one’s productivity in an office, and if you’re entertaining in your home lighting can change according to your guests.


Creating the visualization is only the start of a journey to the final transformation of a space. Gemona West can take the vision from a 3D rendering to the construction and development of a space to sourcing the furniture and light design, so that it is move-in ready. Whatever your vision they work with your budget, whether you are looking to update your office with locally made furniture on a budget, to sourcing high-end international furnishings for a super high-tech smart home.


At the end of the day Gemona West aims to improve the lifestyle of their clients, creating a happy environment that makes a difference to their lives through design.



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