Posted Sunday, 03 December 2017

Over the past few years, Delis Delicatessen has grown from a small grocery store to a must stop on everyone’s grocery journey. The shelves sparkle on stock arrival day, from the bright fresh colours of produce tempting you when you walk in, to the pink meat ready for the barbeque, and the smell of bread wafting in from the baking croissants and baguettes; shopping is a sensory experience at Delis.

Crowning Delis Delicatessen is their very own Delis Coffee Shop. As a complement to the gourmet produce, the gourmet cafe was born.

Despite the oversized windows overlooking bustling Akin Adesola and the shoppers rushing in and out of the delicatessen, Delis Coffee Shop remains a little haven away from all the Lagos stress. Time slows down as you sit separated from the outside world. As one of the only spots open for an early breakfast, you can start your day on a positive note. Indulge in their full breakfast with all the trimmings, or a healthy treat of avocado and feta toast topped with perfectly poached eggs.

As the day and the bustle of Lagos life progresses outside, the chatter in the cafe increases. Friends connecting, a quick bite between meetings or just a moment to catch up on some reading, Delis Coffee Shop has a constant hum. The large salad portions encourage you to eat healthy, while the baked goods tempt you from just a short distance away.

The Mixed Seafood Salad is filled with grilled shrimp and calamari and an array of colourful fruits and vegetables, a perfect marriage of ingredients that you may not ordinarily put together. All their salads are well thought out and extremely generous, so being healthy is actually a good thing at Delis. Although concise, the menu is surprisingly diverse, ranging from a South African Beef Fillet and Panko Crusted Norwegian Salmon Fillets to a Philly Steak Sandwich and Prawn Avocado Sandwich, among a variety of other main dishes and sandwiches.  

This haven is only a precursor to Delis’ story, a teaser of what is to come. Not far from the delicatessen, they are growing their empire to include their newest addition, Delis Grill. Opening soon, Delis Grill is a little paradise in the middle of the metropolis. Surrounded by a perfectly landscaped space with all types of plants and flowers from the local hibiscus to the exotic pink bouquet of the Hoya plants, the outdoor dining area will be a great place to gather with friends for an informal lunch or dinner. During the day their stylish, yet tranquil pool will be your oasis, where you can easily spend a passing day.

Inside, Delis Grill is chic yet unpretentious with an elaborate wine selection and a slightly more formal feel. A striking butterfly-themed piece of art demands your attention and reminds you of the beautiful scene outside. The menu will include some of the best meats on the international market: prime meats of Australian cuts, Wagyu, Kobe and veal, grilled to perfection with no fuss. Their raw bar will be a unique addition to the Lagos restaurant scene, with oysters, tartar and carpaccio among the options.

As we patiently await the imminent opening of Delis Grill, we continue to enjoy the bounty of the delicatessen and the coffee shop. The friendly faces and the comfort of knowing they only use the best produce is an assurance that what is to come will be exceptional.


Delis Delicatessen and Coffee Shop

1291 Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

t: 0809 662 2288

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