SPOT OF THE MONTH - ИOIR and La Pointe Delicatessen

Posted Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Perched like a crown above the gourmet delicatessen La Pointe, Иoir shines brightly. The modern French restaurant excites not only the palate, but also the senses. Its unique location gives the space an eclectic yet sophisticated feel. The seamlessness from La Pointe to Иoir may not seem obvious, but the fresh weekly deliveries from France and other parts of the world guarantee that only the best produce is used at Иoir, while the fully stocked wine cellar at La Pointe ensures the wine menu is one of the best. It’s an effortless partnership. For over twenty years La Pointe has supplied Lagosians with gourmet products from all over the world, and with the twenty years of experience in hospitality of Marie Louise, the head chef/co-owner of Иoir, the match was a natural one.

The industrial wire mesh that separates La Pointe and Иoir gives a glimpse into both worlds, where during the day shoppers get tempted to stop in for a quick bite while exploring the aisles looking for only the best brands, and overhead diners plan their shopping list while enjoying their lunch. During the day the atmosphere in Иoir is relaxed, with a colourful salad bar to tempt you for a light lunch. Alternatively, you can indulge in Moules a La Mariniéres, fresh mussels cooked in a white wine, parsley, shallots and cream sauce, served with French fries. The Mushroom Risotto is also a perfect lunchtime dish. It’s a spectacular risotto made with porcini mushrooms and truffle oil, over a base of fresh basil mash giving it a hint of vibrant green, all topped with a generous shaving of Parmigiano-Reggiano, a perfect combination of flavours.

Иoir understands the importance of top quality products, from the finest cheeses sourced from award-winning farms in Europe and the freshest oysters from the French shores of Oléron, to robust fruits and vegetables that will make you swoon and steaks that will melt in your mouth. This is why their partnership with La Pointe is so valuable. When the lights turn off for the day in La Pointe, the produce still works its magic in the Иoir kitchen. At night the crown over La Pointe really shimmers: the mysterious portrait of the woman at the bar comes alive with the mixologist creating colourful cocktails behind it as diners flow into the dimmed room and curiously look down into the darkened delicatessen below. The modern space with its blended materials of stone, metal and wood work surprisingly well with the colorful art and graffiti, a reflection of the new age French cuisine served.

Traditional French dishes, such as the Escargots à La Bourguignonne and Cuisses de Grenouille en Persillade are very much part of the menu at Иoir; however, the French influence is also evident in their not-so-traditional dishes. The generous portions of succulent Lamb Chops, marinated with coriander and served with minted peas and eggplant puree and the pan-roasted Иoir Beef fillet, served with a red wine sauce, combine typically French ingredients to give it that French kiss. Their already famous Fried Calamari crosses all cuisines, and yet the perfectly crispy light batter and lemon aioli has a touch of je ne sais quoi.

The American Certified Black Angus Rib Eye and South African Beef Tenderloin need no frills. Cooked on a volcanic rock heated to temperatures of over 400ºC, the meat comes alive with just salt and pepper. The sizzling meat is cooked by the diner at the table to the desired degree whether preferred well done or warmed just enough to get its red juices flowing. A selection of sauces, such as the Café de Paris, and sides, such as the Potato Gratin Dauphinois will give it that French touch, but the flavourful meat can also be enjoyed solo.

Nothing ends a meal better than a little sweetness. You can take your time and enjoy dessert on their terrace with a decadent Mousse au Chocolat or a homemade traditional Tarte Tatin. A great night should never be rushed. It should be savoured. What better way to savour a good night then with great food?

Like fine wine and cheese, Noir and La Pointe complement each other perfectly, and thankfully the best of both are available in either place.  


4a Akin Olugbade Street

Victoria Island, Lagos



t: 09080666687



La Pointe Delicatessen

t: 09099978777



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