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Posted Tuesday, 01 May 2018

The word ‘mint’ conjures up images of the aromatic green herb with a warm, fresh, sweet flavour and cool aftertaste. MINT by Eat Green Company captures the essence of the mint leaf beautifully with its green, earthy tones throughout the restaurant, and with a wide array of healthy dishes throughout their menu. Their philosophy is about creating delicious, healthy food with the freshest ingredients but never compromising on the taste.


With a menu that offers breakfast all the way through to dinner, choosing what to eat would be your biggest challenge. A good variety of fun and refreshing smoothies are one way to start your day. Presented in fun mason jar mugs, each smoothie offers a different experience. Made with fresh ingredients, each smoothie also serves a different purpose. The Boost Me, with banana, blueberry, apple, kiwi and protein powder, is breakfast-worthy simply on its own. A meal in itself, it’s not only filling, it’s fulfilling, with each ingredient playing a role in starting your day off positively. The Taste Me smoothie is like drinking sunshine. The striking bright yellow is a reminder of the mangoes inside, but when blended with pineapple, apple and orange, it simply makes you happier. For a kick to wake you up, this perfect coffee replacement smoothie, Beat Me, is not just healthy but seriously delicious. The bright red beetroot colour identifies the smoothie, but the ginger is what gives it the real kick. After the ginger has subsided, the sweetness of the cranberry juice and pineapple mellows the seriousness of the smoothie.

Beyond their smoothies, MINT takes pride in using only the freshest ingredients in their dishes, especially where available, locally sourced produce is used, supporting the farming communities. Their belief is not that to be healthy you should only eat salads, they also indulge the cheat day option with their burgers, sandwiches, Creamy Seafood Pasta or crispy, breaded, golden Calamari and irresistible desserts. They want you to walk out feeling satisfied with their generous portions and to know that each of their meals are made with a healthier process.

With options for both healthy eaters and regular eaters, they cater for every palate and diet. Their Beef Lettuce Wrap is a great healthy option to start with, without feeling like you are eating tasteless diet food. The sautéed beef is cooked with a variety of vegetables and cupped, rather than wrapped, in iceberg lettuce. The Warm Couscous Salad is striking with a top layer of red tomatoes and Feta cheese. The couscous underneath is enough to feed a tableful. Their house vinaigrette brings it all together with a touch of sweetness from the honey.

The Chicken and Shrimp Noodles is a dish that will make you smile when it arrives. A grand dish with a generous portion of chicken and shrimp, seeped in a broth with vegetables and glass noodles and seasoned just right, this is an exceptionally satisfying healthy dish. But what MINT does well, what makes them stand out, is their selection of Nigerian dishes made healthy. It’s hard to believe that their famous Oil-less Seafood Okro Soup is indeed oil-less. The impressive presentation of the dish makes it quite picturesque with crayfish, shrimp, and fish, topped with a striking shelled crab highlighted against the green of the okro. The freshness of the ingredients is evident with every bit, and the side of pounded yam is no exception. The yam is in fact pounded to a smooth consistency, the perfect partner to the Seafood Okro Soup.  

When you need a little sweetness MINT can help you satisfy your cravings. The molten chocolate cake is rich and decadent. For something a little lighter, dive into the fluffy Belgian style Waffle, topped with creamy vanilla ice cream and a light drizzle of chocolate sauce, just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy that craving.

The MINT experience continues on their roof terrace. Maintaining the green theme above, their terrace is a great place to enjoy the outdoors, with a cocktail or two. The Zobotini is the perfect cocktail capturing the local zobo flavours mixed with, what else, but mint. Sit back and enjoy the space with a healthy shisha, a tobacco and nicotine-free shisha. And those on their healthy journey can also enjoy a cocktail or two as their calories are clearly labelled.

At MINT they believe the can offer you The Freshest Path to Yummy, and once you’ve experience yummy they want you to walk away wanting to come back for more. Let them lead the way and you won’t be disappointed.


Plot 5a, 33 Grace Anjous Road, Lekki Phase 1

t: 08140685197, 08142804131



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