Posted Tuesday, 23 October 2018

How do you appreciate the finer things in life in a city as boisterous and fast-paced as Lagos? A lot of people consider luxury items, travel and shopping as the perfect representation of living their best lives but, what about fine dining?

From La Pergola in Rome, to La Petite Maison in Dubai, fine dining restaurants all over the world have grown significantly in the past few years. Lagos is not left out, as lovers of haute cuisines can now enjoy these luxurious experiences at 788 On The Sea and Chai Tang, two new premium restaurants located in the heart of Twinwaters.

Why do people choose to embrace fine dining? What sets it apart? Maybe the beautiful décor of the venue? The perfect plating arrangements, the utterly delicious, never-before-had meals on the chef’s special, the fine wine list or, simply, l’ambiance? 

The benefits of choosing fine dining are the memorable experiences it brings beyond eating. Fine dining restaurants offer more exotic and interesting menu items and, what is even more fascinating and exciting to watch is the food presentation, which tempts your eyes before the meal meets your taste buds. 

The ambience of Chai Tang and 788 On The Sea is a marriage of soft music and the alluring beach sunset. This calming experience could never match any casual dining experience. It provides that picture-perfect environment for the best evening with that special someone. 

If you’re looking for an impressive dining experience in Lagos, Chai Tang and 788 On The Sea should be at the top of your list. The aesthetic, courteous wait staff, terrace seating overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, coupled with the unmatched attention to detail are what sets them apart from the rest.


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