Spot of the Month - La Veranda

Posted Friday, 21 November 2014


In la cucina Italiana the food is sacred. Italian culture revolves around the kitchen and more importantly the food, which is why every dish is crafted with such care and thought. Recreating those dishes is an art form that is comparable to some of the masters of Italian art, like Michelangelo. La Veranda, an elegant yet cozy restaurant, purposefully placed overlooking the bright pool area at the Blow Fish Hotel, has captured the essence of real Italian food. The bright and quirky ambiance has a touch of the Italian charm that is reminiscent of Tuscany.




Yet, for real Italian connoisseurs, the most important element in an Italian restaurant is the food. No expense has been spared in La Veranda to ensure that only the finest ingredients are used. From the fresh tomatoes in their home made tomato sauce to the finely sliced Beef Carpacio di ruccola, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and crowned with slices of parmigiano, all their ingredients are carefully selected and imported to give you the best Italian culinary experience in Lagos.

With a diverse Italian menu fit for all palettes, La Veranda has something for those looking for a lighter option with their salads and sandwiches made with their homemade baguette, and a large selection of heartier dishes with their De Cecco pastas and wood burning pizzas. But important decisions should never be made on an empty stomach, so their freshly baked welcomebread basket with a choice of a chili dipping sauce and a black olive butter spread, will certainly satisfy you while looking over their mouthwatering options.

The real wood burning pizza oven on display guarantees a thin and crispy fresh crust that takes you back to the birthplace of pizza, Pisa.  Each of the pizzas have their own special appeal from the classic Margherita to the unique La Veranda pizza with chicken, rucola and a touch of creamy Caeser sauce. And if you’re craving pasta, then you’ll be spoilt for choice. Their traditional Spaghetti alla Carbonara, made with the finest pancetta, a tantilizing touch of crème fraiche and parmesan cheese is perfectly combined to give you each flavor separately with every mouthful.


But if you’re looking for a dish to impress, their decadent Pappardelle Aragosta from the Chef’s Corner is not for the faint hearted. This refined dish is the Chef’s specialty, with a hearty lobster pan sautéed with garlic and mushroom cepes on a bed of al dente pappardelle pasta coated in a fresh tomato sauce. No matter what you choose they ensure the highest standards are maintained.  Whether you are there with a group of friends, on a business lunch or a romantic dinner, the overall experience at La Veranda will certainly be memorable: mangia, mangia la cucina Italian a La Veranda!


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