Domino’s Pizza

Posted Friday, 31 May 2019

It’s the smell that first intoxicates you. Your mouth starts to water, all your attention fixed on the steaming box. A hypnotic spell is cast by a warm golden crust and oozing, bubbling cheese, still hot from the oven, made even more enticing by the wonderful toppings that adorn it. In each of the 44 branches of Domino’s Pizza in Nigeria, there is a joy that radiates from within. The iconic domino logo, recognised the world over, is a beacon to hungry passers-by, drawing customers into bright, shiny restaurants with a promise of delicious, fresh meals. 

What sets Domino’s apart from other restaurants is more than just their mouth-watering products. Their menu can be ordered online and nothing is delivered beyond a 30-minute time frame, ensuring freshness to each customer. Domino’s has an ethos of constant improvement. Not content to rest on their laurels, they are always evolving. In a quest to serve people better, they have listened closely to customer feedback to improve their recipes. This transparency builds trust with their clients, making them the number one pizza company in Nigeria. And now they have improved their overall menu to boast of Xtra flavours, Xtracheese and Xtratoppings. 

The starters will hit all the right notes with any customer. Why not begin your meal with one of Domino’s 6 new super sides? Try the Chicken Suya Wings, a generous portion of juicy wings dusted with a savoury blend of suya spices. The wings make a delightful beginning to the meal but don’t overindulge. It would be a shame to be too full to enjoy their signature pizzas. Domino’s has recently introduced 4 amazing flavours, the Southern Style BBQ Chicken, The Beef Suya, The Smoked BBQ Sausage and the Chicken Pie Pizza. They are all delicious but the most visually stunning may be the Southern Style BBQ Chicken Pizza. It is a cheesy delight of grilled chicken, sweet corn and cheddar cheese with lines of BBQ sauce added in long, elegant stripes after it is baked. This hearty and delicious pie is available across all sizes, from perfectly sized for 1 to big enough for a crowd.

As part of their need to meet their consumers' needs and ensure they keep driving innovation, Domino’s has brought their creativity to pizza portions. They have spent two years perfecting the Smallie Pizza, a personal pie that is the perfect portion and perfectly filling for one person. On the other end of the spectrum, they have recently unveiled the Chairman Pizza, a specially crafted 16'' XL pizza that brings out the OGA in you. This special size pizza is enough to completely feed 8 people. It is perfect for your next big party, encouraging existing pizza lovers to share and ensuring no one goes hungry. The Chairman Pizza appeals to larger families, yes, but it’s also perfect for those who aspire to a better lifestyle. What better way to impress your peers than to feed them the biggest pizza available in Nigeria?

Domino’s Pizza is a trailblazer, a symbol of quality where delicious food, innovation, and trusted favourites can always be found. Whether dining in-store or opting for home delivery, Domino’s simply has unmatched quality and customer service.


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