Beach Spots: Hidden Gems

Posted Tuesday, 11 June 2019

There are quite a few beach experiences to choose from, from a weekend at a private beach house to a rave at a public beach or even a couple of hours chilling at a local beach. But do you know what all the options are? We have done a little research and found some hidden gems you should know about.

‘Sencillo’ means simple in Spanish and in this beach house, you can indeed live the simple yet exquisite life. The house is beautiful with design elements that scream luxury living. The minimalist decor with an emphasis on neutrality fully reflects and celebrates the surrounding beach. There is a 21m long pool that you will not be able to resist diving into. The beach house is perfect when you are looking for a tranquil experience.

Photo: Medina Dugger

Pop Beach Club
Tarkwa bay
Pop Beach has opened a new location at Tarkwa Bay. The new spot has 5 double rooms, 6 cabanas, 1 clubhouse, 1 pool, 1 kitchen including 2 grill pits, 6 toilets and 5 showers. It sleeps a max of 32 people, wow! Did I hear someone say party house? The location is ideal, far enough from the busy Tarkwa Bay beach to deter intruders but close enough to walk to. The staff are helpful and so are the locals.

Surfing with GP Surfing School
Tarkwa Bay
We have featured GP Surfing School before but we feel not enough people know about it. Surfing in Lagos is fast becoming a thing. God’s Power, the surfing instructor, is doing what he loves and creating an industry. Surf classes at Tarkwa Bay cost N7000 per session. Apart from private classes, he teaches some of the locals and this helps keep them off the ‘street’. Now they can teach people how to surf and earn a living from it.

This beach house boasts being situated on the quietest beach with the cleanest ocean water in Nigeria. It is a family-owned beach house which means it is truly family friendly. The facilities are clean. There is a BBQ area so bring your own food and drinks and don't forget ice in the coolers. There are lounge chairs, a picnic set, and a pool. This is a great location to get away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos.

Landmark Beach
Victoria Island
This may not be so hidden but it is still quite new so it has made the list. Without having to go too far you can have a beach day experience. At Landmark Leisure Beach there are a number of activities such as kite surfing, jet skiing, beach football and beach volleyball. If you are looking for more of a relaxed vibe you can also just lounge on the beach ordering mouth quenching drinks and delicious snacks! It is a membership beach club but there is also a day rate so don’t fret.

Quad Bike Adventures and Tour
Victoria Island
If you are the adventurous type and seeking an adrenaline rush, this is for you. Take in the thrills, the sights and sounds of the surf as you drive a powerful, four-wheeled ATV along the sandy Lagos beaches. This is a fun group activity.

Awolowo Museum and Private Beach
The museum was established to preserve the legacy of Obafemi Awolowo and it is situated on a private beach. The beach is clean and pretty calm as it isn’t very busy. If you want to do more than just visit the museum, bring a picnic, sit on the beach and make a day of it after the long drive to get there.


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