​Children’s Summer Camps Around the World

Posted Thursday, 20 June 2019

The summer holiday is getting closer and children everywhere will be excited to put away their pencils and backpacks. While children are happy to get time off school, it is always a good idea to plan ahead for the long holiday on how you will occupy your children. Yes, they need to rest but too much idleness is not ideal. 

I recommend summer camps at least for some part of the summer holiday period. Summer camps can open a whole new world of friendships, interests, skills, experiences and learning for your child over the long break. Whether your summer will include travel or a staycation, there are many learning opportunities to encourage your child's curiosity. 

Here are a few of the many categories of camps available to match any child’s interest anywhere in the world:

Coding Camp
Children are digital natives and there is a need for them to master skills for the technology they know and love. Coding camps teach children complex computer skills in a fun and engaging manner. Children are encouraged to use their imagination to bring things to life. Coding classes for kids also involve working in teams and learning to solve complex problems. Coding is fun and it is a skill your child needs to succeed in the future. Several camps like Bricks4kidz run coding classes for children to explore and learn. 

Sports Camp
If your child loves sports, sending your child to a sports camp this summer is a wonderful option. Summer is a great time for younger children to try a variety of options. Letting children start early will allow them to explore what they find the most engaging and help identify if they have a passion for it.

From football to swimming to fencing, getting your child involved in sports is beneficial to them physically and mentally. Engaging in sporting activities teaches children how to be team players. It also teaches them to be patient with themselves and helps them build self-confidence in a supportive environment. Plus exerting energy will always be welcome for parents looking to engage bored children.

Arts Camp
Art does not only involve drawing or painting. It encompasses drawing, design, music, dance and anything that involves creativity. Art is a form of self-expression through which students can find their own style and voice. If your child loves the arts, attending an arts camp will help them develop motor skills and express their creative energy even better. There are many camps which offer drama, dance, photography and more. 

Language Camp
Languages will always be important and knowing more than one will be of great benefit to your child. Language camps are a great opportunity for students to be immersed in a different culture as they learn a new language. Can your child speak their local dialect as well as a foreign language like Mandarin? If you want your child to learn your local language, there are language camps that offer this option, as well. At the end of summer, your child will have acquired a skill that will improve problem solving and creativity, enhance future career opportunities, help them connect with other cultures and build tolerance. 

Educational Camps
When children are on break, they can lose out on months of learning. Children who do not keep their brains active during the holiday usually find it hard to adjust to the learning process when school resumes. A few hours a day doing some school work revision or reading can go a long way. 

Educational camps provide an extra boost for students to reach their full potential, with short and fun twists that make them different from regular school. From reading camps to writing camps, there are different educational camps you can enrol your child in.

Internships are a great way for older children to learn new skills and explore areas of interest. Either through a formal internship program or volunteering at companies, internships are highly recommend.

Whether you are travelling or spending summer close to home, there are different options of summer camps available for you to choose from. No matter what camp you choose, your child will benefit from learning new things and nurturing their talent. Stay tuned for the LagosMums summer camp guide for 2019. Examples include the Gordonstoun summer camp in the UK which is interested in welcoming more children from West Africa. Enjoy the summer holiday!


Written by
Yetty Williams, Parenting Coach and Founder/CEO LagosMums 
Instagram/Facebook/Twitter @lagosmums


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