Posted Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Suddenly the music gets louder and all the waiters stop what they are doing and begin clapping in sync. But it’s not the birthday song playing on the jukebox. It’s Kool and the Gang. As if on cue, they assemble in the middle of the restaurant, led by the head waiter and a performance comes together with them all singing “Celebrate!” You can’t help but smile.

The 1950s classic American-style diner is very much alive in the heart of Lagos. The jukebox is playing rock and roll music you know and love. The waiters have a skip in their step and burgers and milkshakes dominate the menu. Johnny Rockets is the epitome of a classic American diner.

For 30 years, Johnny Rockets has kept the memory of the rock and roll era alive through its ambiance, music and food, staying true to what they are really good at. From the moment you walk into Johnny Rockets, you are welcomed with an extremely friendly waiter who may break out into dance at any moment.

Seated at a booth with a mini tabletop jukebox, it’s clear that every detail is thought out. But it’s not just the smiley waiters or the authentic feel; it’s about the food! The burgers are finger licking good, with a soft round bun and a juicy patty made fresh, never frozen. Even their onion rings, chicken tenders and wings are made fresh. There is no compromise when it comes to quality. 

The best way to walk into a Johnny Rockets is hungry! Please leave your diet at the door. So while you wait for the burger of the hour, you must order some of their famous chicken tenders, succulent and crispy; their crunchy onion rings that have that perfect amount of sweetness; and the chili cheese fries. The picture speaks for itself. 

What you’re really there for is the burgers. Their Smoke House (double if you’re really hungry) is made up of layers of crispy bacon, crunchy onion rings, real cheddar cheese and their special Smoke House barbecue-ranch sauce. But if you want something that will spark your taste buds, then try the Houston, with jalapenos, pepper jack cheese and their special spicy sauce. But it doesn’t have to be all about the burgers. Their salads, hot dogs, grilled chicken breast sandwich and even some vegan options are all delicious and give you a good excuse to visit Johnny Rockets every day! 

No meal is complete without their famous handmade shakes. Made with the best ice cream in the original classic flavors, or shake things up (pun intended) with one of their chunky flavors.

And now Johnny Rockets has gone mobile. Their new state-of-the-art food truck can come to you for any event, no matter how big. Their huge food truck can roll out their original burgers, fries and more at private events, so if you want to impress your guests with a ‘drive-through’ then get them to roll round.

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