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Posted Monday, 27 October 2014

Choosing a school for your child is no easy task. And in a city like Lagos it makes it even more difficult because despite the multitude of schools, there are only a handful that parents seem to hold in high esteem and these are well. . .  full to the brim. The waiting lists are endless and getting into them can sometimes seem like a small miracle.  Not to mention trying to decipher the educational speak that schools dole out can be mind boggling.

Having recently opened an International Primary School in Lekki Phase One, I have been discussing schools at great length with potential parents and have come up with a few tips that may help parents to choose the ‘right’ school for their child. As each child is different, each school is different and each family has their own logistical obstacles to overcome.

The most important aspect of schooling for a child is that he or she is happy. If they are happy, they will learn. Even if they are very capable academically, if they are unhappy in their school, their learning experience can only be a limited one.

To this end, you need to look at the curriculum the school provides and how it is delivered. Good teachers deliver good lessons – fact. And once a child is engaged, they are learning. So choose a school where the learning style suits your child. It is also a very good idea to meet the teacher, if you are not comfortable with them and their approach to learning, keep looking. For more information on what kind of learner your child is, visit

Secondly, you need to look at the location of your school. Traveling long distances to and from school is not advisable because the children are exhausted by the time they get to school and they are often too tired to complete their homework to the best of their ability. In addition, having friends in the area can also be a vital part of your child’s social development; an equally important part of your child’s growth.

Facilities are particularly important to those parents who have athletic or musical children because it allows them to be challenged and stretched in these areas. All avenues of learning should be explored and children need every opportunity to shine so they can experience success on a daily basis.  

Ask about the vision of the school and where they see their children going to from there. If the school and the parents are on the same page from day one, it is a much more valuable experience for the children, the parents and the school. If you plan on sending your child to the UK, for example, will the school be adequately able to prepare your child to make that move? Lastly, do you share the same values as the school? Are you satisfied that the school will help to mould your child and their view of the world in the way you would like?

Wishing you all happy searching and if you are looking for an International Primary School that delivers the English National Curriculum in a Nigerian setting, you can visit our website or better still, visit the school itself. That’s where the magic happens!

Alice Dina


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