Top 10 Film Screenings/Clubs

Posted Thursday, 19 September 2019

Film clubs bring together film lovers, enthusiasts, filmmakers and critics because of their love of film. With so many genres and types of films, there are quite a number in Lagos that you need to be at.

Neighbour-Hood Film Series
The series is a breakout endeavor of the Neighbour-Hood Project, an intervention centred on photographs designed to expand the narrative about Bariga, a Lagos neighborhood that had become associated with crime and gun-violence in people’s consciousness. The films are shown at a house in the heart of Bariga, on a calm street where children play outside even at midnight.


Indie View Lagos
A monthly short film screening event in Lagos, open to the public, which aims to push forward the conversation of world class filmmaking in Nigeria.

Women's Film Club
The Women's Film Club is a film society dedicated to screening independent films that present honest and thought-provoking conversations pertaining to social issues surrounding women. Their film screenings are immediately followed with a talk and Q&A by Women’s Film Club curators and invited guests.

Film Sundays
Film Sundays is a programme of monthly film screenings of mostly independent films with interesting, controversial and enlightening topics and engaging plots with which the Nigerian audience can relate. The screenings, held on the last Sunday of the month, spark conversations and discussions about different societal issues that mainstream movies are inclined to steer clear of. Normally held at Studio of Modé.

iREP Exchange
iREP Exchange, held at Freedom Park, is a monthly documentary screening event, where contemporary and archival documentary films about Nigerian heritage and history are shown.

t: 08164484656

Freedom Park Filmclub
Freedom Park is a memorial and leisure park dedicated to preserving the Lagos colonial heritage and history of the Old Broad Street Prison. The film club also aims to do this through film and discussion. 

1 Hospital road, by Broad Street, Lagos Island
t: 0809 500 6567

Cinéma mon amour
Bring your sharp eye, your free mind and your good mood, and let's love Cinéma! Cinéma mon amour, normally held at Bogobiri, boasts new film screenings and conversations in Lagos. 


Is that Jazz
Apkass and The Jazz Hole present Is that Jazz, the music and book lover’s movie club. The regular film screenings draw an eclectic crowd to the famous Jazz Hole.

168 Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi
t: 07060648580

Picnic & Movie, Movienic
Due to the rains, they are on a break, but when the sun comes out, they’ll be back! For a small fee you can chill, picnic and watch a fun movie, all outdoors in different locations around Lagos. Look out for their posts so you don’t miss the next one.


Secret Cinema
Secret Cinema Lagos provides a cinema environment with a comfortable, classy, safe and approachable home feeling, but in the outdoor terrain.

t: 07069117347

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