Searching for Unique Christmas ideas this Christmas

Posted Friday, 19 December 2014

If you’re feeling anything like me, Christmas crept up on you this year and you’re finding yourself scrambling to buy last minute gifts, stuck in huge traffic queues and basically lost in Lagos for ideas.


Well, we’re here to help. You don’t have to resort to that Chinese-imported can opener in Game just because there’s nothing else that appeals. There are other outlets, venues and hidden gems just waiting to be discovered, they just need to be unearthed. And when your loved one opens his/her gift, you just know they’ll be impressed.

1. Calligraphy pens and paperweights at INSIDE STORY

Let’s face it, to receive an old fashioned letter written in beautiful calligraphy ink pen would be both lovely and priceless. The traditional calligraphy sets at Inside Story include quills, inks and nibs and are ideal for restoring old-fashioned values and elegant handwriting. They also feature a range of sand-cast paperweights and Italian, leather journals so grab one today and impress your boss!

2. For something uniquely Lagosian, try the ‘The City of Lagos Monopoly edition’. Instead of Boardwalk, you’ll be buying Banana Island and instead of taking a chance on ‘passing go’, you’ll be flying past the Lekki Bridge. Lagos Monopoly edition gives players an exciting tour of the city featuring historical monuments and landmarks, famous streets, popular neighborhoods, key buildings and leading brands spread across the city. You can find Lagos Monopoly edition at Laterna, Terra Kulture,, Glendora, Park n Shop, Quintessence, Mega Plaza, Prince Ebeano Supermarket, Dominoes Yaba and Game.


3. Baby Blankets by Anne Li

If you have a friend whose expecting or you’re just one for lovely blankets and throws as I am, the Always Me collection by Anne Li features baby playmats or blankets made from beautiful, colourful Ankara fabrics. From baby playmats to toddler sleeping bags, bibs and nursing pillows, you can even have your blanket customised with anything you want!

4. African Pillows by Empire Jane- At Empire Jane, there’s definitely no wahala in finding a gift to spruce up your loved ones’ crib. We love the 2014 No Wahala, danfo pillow! Backed in Adire or Ankara, Empire Jane has even more items for you such as purses, bags and scarves. All uniquely made in Lagos, Nigeria and available from, Terra Kulture, and Quintessence.


5. The Friendship Store- You have to visit the Friendship Store to believe how many lovely gift ideas exist in this little hidden gem of a shop in V.I. From funny to romantic to inspiring keepsakes, your loved one can enjoy a memorable treasure for life.

6. Colors of Africa stuffed animals- If you’re looking for that special gift for your niece/nephew, daughter or son, these handcrafted stuffed animals at Colors of Africa are sure to be a winner. This year forget that Disney-inspired stuffed toy that every child has and buy your child a uniquely African animal friend that will win their heart every time.  




7. The Christmas Shop at Temple Muse

Nothing says Christmas like the festive Christmas shop at the exclusive Temple Muse. Beautiful Christmas decorations, stocking stuffers and gorgeous Christmas theme gifts are all there for the taking. Their Christmas crackers are also great gifts if you're going to a holiday dinner. But we love most are the charming snow globes and their special range of Makers and Merchants gourmet food products including their infused oils, mustards, biscuits and coffee. They are great additions to hampers, and in fact they can even prepare a lovely hamper for you.



8. Uniquely branded t-shirts at I am Literati

When I first laid eyes on some of these t- shirts, I knew they were unique. From African printed logos to specially designed new brands, I’ve no doubt you’ll find the right one for your special someone. High quality, right price. Check out


There’s more to Lagos shopping than meets the eye, if you’re still searching for ideas, visit the hundreds of listed shops on our website just waiting to hear from you.


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