Sailors Lounge: 7 reasons they are regarded as the Best Restaurant/Bar in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

Posted Wednesday, 04 December 2019

Sailors Lounge is undoubtedly the industry leader, when it comes to hospitality in Lekki and Lagos as a whole. It’s the ideal hotspot for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate team bonding, ladies night out and much more. Amongst the several Bars, Lounges and Restaurants in Lagos, Sailors is one of the best bars for the following 7 reasons (no 5 and 4)

7. The Sunday Liveband Criuse:
Every Sunday, Sailors Lounge shuts down Lekki Phase 1, while the liveband plays. People scramble for sits and even tend to come early to avoid sitting in unwanted spots. The music is great, the sound is amazing and the customer service is usually exceptional. If you have never visited on a Sunday, then try this next Sunday and judge for yourself.


6. The UnKnotYourTie Comedy Club:
The most hilarious comedy club in Nigeria is being hosted by veteran comedian Omobaba (The most handsome Nigerian comedian) every Thursday from 7pm to 10pm. It’s a place where corporates come to unwind from the stress of the week and the literally Unknot their ties to laugh at the several jokes being cracked. The weekly show has graced the likes of Alibaba, Gbenga Adeyinka, Tea A, Julius Agwu, Gordons, Akpororo, Princess, Kolo, Basket Mouth, Buchi, Deeone, Odogwu (the comedy machine), Pencil, Bow Joint, SLK and a host of several others.

5. The Seafood Platter:
This is by far the most sophisticated Seafood Platter ever, especially for its price, which makes it very affordable as well. It has Calamari, Croaker Fish, Lobsters, Crab, Prawns, Muscles, Fried and Jollof Rice. Im certain you are already salivating. Just ensure you take this in with a bottle Champaign or a bottle of a very Chilled White wine. Also, it’s not a meal for 1 person, minimum of 2 people. See picture below of its content

4. The Sailors Grilled Catfish:
Yes, yes, yes, Sailors Lounge has the best Grilled catfish in Lagos, both Victoria Island and Lekki combined. Argue with this fact only if you have tasted it. If you haven’t tasted it, just keep calm and order one now 08092927825. If you have tasted it, come over to the comment section and lets relate. See Pictures below


3. The Drunken Sailor Cocktail:
This is by far the best cocktail ever produced and will beat any internationally made cocktail. Its very strong and a bit sweet all at the same time. 
Drink if you will not be driving afterwards
Drink if you are not alone
Drink if you have the heart of a lion

2. The Customer Service:
It’s a no brainer that to be the best, you also need to have the best customer service in Lagos. Well for over 7years, the have stood out in this aspect, ranging from the several courteous waitresses to the swift and timely service, their service is second to none when compared to the restaurants in Lagos, Victoria island and lekki combined. 


1. The Ambiance:
For those who have been to sailors, this may be the number one reason for the love you have for the place. 
a) The sunset at sailors is breathtaking 
b) The wooden building concept is unmatched in Nigeria, and still gives old customers a sense of awe 
c) The rusty Sailors concept and theme of the place is special, as when you enter, it gives you that sense of being on an actual ship
d) The sound of the water splashing against the rocky wall, give that sense of being by the seashore.
e) the wooden deck bring on water makes you feel like spending more money

Some of these points may be up for debate on a later date, meanwhile for those who have visited, what do you think? And for those who haven’t been there, do visit and drop a comment on this page to let us know your take on the points we shared.

Contact Sailors Lounge Via the following means for reservation and enquiries
Instagram: @sailorslounge
Twitter: @sailorslounge
Email Address:
Phone no: 08131093308

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