Spot of the Month - Velvett Lounge & Bar

Posted Thursday, 01 January 2015

If you’re looking for classy food in a comfortable, funky lounge setting, you’ve found it here at the Vellvett Grill Lounge & Bar. Set in a modern refurbished building at 19B Idejo Street in V.I., Vellvett is one of the new wave of chill out zones that really pushes Lagos nightlife and gastronomy to that new level.

The modern but simply decorated lounge is tastefully adorned with red and yellow velvet lounge chairs lining the bar- somehow combining to guarantee class, comfort and style. The restaurant also offers two VIP areas, spot lighting and a private room for the discerning. Besides that, the service is impeccable and the bar staff well-trained to make even the most bizarre cocktail concoction.


There is a relaxed and very cool feel to the place so you might be forgiven for thinking this is just another lounge slash bar with an emphasis on alcohol, drinks and cocktails. Indeed, you would have utterly underestimated what Vellvett is all about.

Vellvett Lounge is at its heart a serious restaurant. The house menu offers intense gastronomic variety with Oriental and Mediterranean options but it’s in the classic cuisine that Vellvett stands apart.

The brainchild of South African Executive Chef Nevin Bagley, former head Chef at one of Lagos’ foremost boutique hotels, Vellvett’s menu will take you on a gastronomic voyage around the world. But don’t be fooled, the chef specialty, having trained under celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsey, Jason Atherton, and Phil Carmichael, is definitely grill- grilled lobster, kebab, steak, salmon and chicken- he does it all.

Start your culinary journey with a starter from any of the array of dishes from around the world. Try the tempura prawns for example: deep fried prawns served with a tasty wasabi mayo or the beetroot salad- a colourful, fun, fresh dish that will arouse your taste buds from sour to sweet in a moment.

When you’re ready to move onto the main, your taste buds will be aching for more. It’s almost mandatory that if you come to Vellvett, you need to try one of their signature steaks. From rib eye, to rump, to AAA Angus T-bone, they will melt in your mouth. Served with a flavourful mushroom sauce, creamy mashed potatoes and a side salad with vinaigrette dressing, this is simply mouth-watering pleasure at its best.

If you’re not a fan of steaks, there’s always grilled lobster served in traditional café de paris butter; chicken supreme- a Vellvett signature dish served with a tasty basil pesto sauce and cauliflower puree-; or fried pepper fish- catch of the day pan-fried with a peppercorn crust, served with mashed potato and fresh grape salsa.


There is more though, Sunday through Thursday Vellvett Lounge is an orthodox restaurant which can stand on its own merit and has quality and class, but there is cherry on this cake... this is Naija after all. Friday and Saturday Vellvett turns into the kind of chill-out, almost-club-not-a-club that is just right for the mature professional coming from work or looking for a ‘not-club-club’.

It is truly unique for a restaurant/bar to stand on the strength of its food first before everything else. This imbues this establishment with a sense of substance and quality that might be missing in some other places. It sets out to cater for a lot of different tastes without boxing itself too tightly.

Relaxed style, understated quality, and substance are what the Vellvett Lounge preaches and expects. Come and taste for yourself.


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