Posted Tuesday, 07 January 2020

Surrounded by water, Lagos’s very apt name comes from the Portuguese word meaning ‘lakes’. With a stunning Atlantic coastline on one side and a lagoon that spans a length of 50km, separated by the Atlantic by a sand split between 2 to 5km wide, it is only natural to be drawn to the water. During the week, boats speed down the lagoon with commuters avoiding the Lagos traffic, and on the weekends Lagosians cruise the waterways under blue skies, heading to public and private beaches. All the while, more and more jet skiers venture out to discover the beauty that surrounds, weaving through the Five Cowrie Lagoon, and with the guidance of the Lagos Jet Ski Riders, even going off-shore out into the Atlantic.

Contrary to what the name may imply, the Lagos Jet Ski Riders - The Club is much more than a members’ club for jet skiers. For almost 6 years, Lagos Jet Ski Riders has been paving the way for discovering and experiencing Lagos in a whole new way. From adventures along Lagos lagoons on jet skis, to fishing expeditions into the Atlantic, to deep sea diving and exploring underwater wrecks, there is so much yet left to be explored. Since its founding in 2014 as a gathering of like-minded adventurers who braved the waters on their jet skies during the day and partied at night, it has become so much more. The club has opened Lagos up to tourist opportunities that have always existed but had never been offered. With a vision to always be at the forefront of all water activities in Lagos, they evolved from jet skiing to scuba diving and deep sea fishing, and more recently, a private beach for their members to enjoy. 

Houssam Azem, one of the founders, has always had a passion for the water. Born and raised in Nigeria, he spent his childhood on Lagos beaches and lakes in the north, so it was only natural for him to be drawn to the water. He spent all his free time exploring Lagos by water through canopy jungles and adventuring offshore, riding alongside dolphins and whales and witnessing the grandeur of nature and the abundance of the Nigerian shoreline. For Houssam, the water was an escape from the chaos of Lagos life, but exploring above water was not enough. A certified diver, Houssam bought diving gear and began exploring the depths of the Atlantic, discovering a whole new world below. What he discovered was the incredible marine life surrounding the shipwrecks, with schools of fish, turtles and coral that would rival diving destinations in places like South Africa. 

In 2015, as a result of his discovery of the abundant marine life, ScubaLagos, the first certified PADI diving school in Nigeria, was born. It takes approximately two weeks to get your open water PADI certificate, with 280 certifications already completed, which allows you to do exhilarating recreational dives in Lagos and anywhere else in the world. With a certified dive instructor, masters and team leaders, access to a hyperbaric chamber and all the gear required, you can go out on an adventure to discover a Lagos you never knew existed. In fact, the aquatic experience is more enriching than any sight on land. The sounds, sights and weightlessness of the underwater world are indescribable and can only be experienced. 

While ScubaLagos explores the world beneath, the Lagos Fishing Charters go on fishing expeditions unlike any other. The fishing charters leave early in the morning and take an hour to get to the off-shore destination. Experienced captains know the best spots to catch spectacular fish including the Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Dorado, Amberjack Sailfish and so much more. From trolling fishing to fishing on rocks and wrecks, you are sure to come back with an impressive catch! A full day out on the water is a unique experience you will never forget. 

For the less adventurous or just for a day of R&R, the Lagos Jet Ski Riders - The Beach, which opened this year, is a perfect way to spend a chilled sunny weekend. Boasting an immaculate beach, sleepy cabanas, a glistening pool and a much appreciated pool bar, the Beach Club is a welcome addition to the growing Jet Ski Club. A short commute from the Jet Ski Club jetty on one of their shuttle boats, the beach club is the perfect escape. The Beach Club is a popular destination to spend either a quiet, lazy day catching up with a book or socialising with other members over cocktails and lunch poolside. 

Back at the Jet Ski Riders Club, how you pass your time really depends on the day. Spend a morning lounging by the pool or take an hour during your lunch break for a quick swim and delicious lunch. Arrive after work for a drink at the bar, a waterfront dinner or party with your fellow members on the weekends. No matter how you spend your time with the Jet Ski family, you are guaranteed to make unforgettable memories, and more importantly, life-long friendships.

Lagos Jet Ski Riders - The  Club
12 Ademola Street, Ikoyi, Lagos
t: 08037500000 or 08165000000

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