Posted Tuesday, 07 January 2020

It’s beach season and if you haven’t done a beach trip yet, what are you doing? But it’s okay if you haven’t. Now is the time to go before the rains start again. Here are a few tips to get you beach ready: 

The journey to the beach usually starts early so plan ahead. The night before, lay out your preferred clothes. Comfort is key, so bring a sundress, tank top, shorts and beach slippers. Stuff your beach bag with your swimsuit, water shoes, a change of clothes and a beach towel. Also a few sit ups first thing in the morning won't hurt.
It can get really hot once you're on the beach so remember to freeze a few bottles of water for your cooler bag. Pick up some drinks, fresh food, sweets and snacks on your way to the jetty.
You usually have to be transported by boat to the beach. You will need to protect your head and eyes from the cool gust of the wind. Be sure to have sunglasses and a hat or a scarf so you don't looked frazzled once you dock.
The sun might be your friend but it is not your mate. Once you get to the beach, protect your skin with sunscreen. Bugs that bite also love to relax on the beach, so bug spray is a must. Have tissue paper and wipes in your beach bag at all times.
Depending on the beach where you find yourself, you might need to provide your own entertainment. Be sure to take portable speakers, an MP3 player, beach balls and toys for the kids.
You will need to pay fees for parking, beach entry, on-site beach rentals or give tips to people who help you with heavy lifting. Be sure to have enough money on you for these unexpected and expected expenses. Cash is king in Lagos.

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Lolade Pearse is the CEO of Three P33s Company, Curators of Authentic Experiences 
@barietyclub @silentdiscolagos 


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