Restaurant Review - Indomie Cafe

Posted Tuesday, 12 May 2020

We decided to do this review a little differently. As soon as my team found out there was an Indomie Cafe the whole team wanted to try it out, so we decided to try it out as a team. I know, it’s a little unconventional, but since Indomie is a crowd favorite we couldn’t pass the opportunity to try it out together. So here we go…

We went to the Indomie Cafe at Circle Mall in Lekki and were quite impressed. It’s the first noodle bar in Nigeria. The menu has appetizer options, main Indomie dishes, where you can choose the level of spiciness, and they even have a choice of desserts. Although they’ve been open for a while now, none of us had tried it, which is very strange! But, better late than never...

Tannaz: So what do you guys think of this place?
Banke: I like the space, but it could do with more ventilation. It feels a bit romantic.
Mfon: Romantic? 
Banke: I’m feeling a...let’s share a bowl of indomie, I’ll take one end and you take one end and we meet in the middle, feel?

Tannaz: You watch way too many Disney movies! I like the space. It feels quite trendy. And I like the fact that they cook the food in front of you. They definitely need more ACs though. I’m loving the spring rolls. Who would have thought to put Indomie in spring rolls?
Mona: Me, too. My kids were furious that I didn’t break them out of school for this. 
Okey: It’s tasty. I like it.
Mona: Anything that’s fried is yummy. And the Cheesy Chop, the cheesy balls with the spice, are amazing. It’s Indomie breaded and fried with cheese. It’s creamy and cheesy, with a hint of spice. I love the creativity of the menu. They’ve literally made everything with Indomie. And it’s all tasty! This is the Yummy Roll, a crispy, crackly spring roll with Indomie inside. 

Tannaz: Surprisingly good! My favorite is the Cheesy Chop. So I got the Tropicana Indomie, the one cooked in a coconut sauce. And I got the spice level as Mellow-Mild, but this is super spicy! Definitely not mellow or mild. But I absolutely love the coconut flavor. It’s so good, I could get addicted to this. But look at the plate design. How fancy! They actually make it look really good! Mfon, try mine.

Mfon: It’s not as hot as mine…
Tannaz: You got Hooting Hot! I hope it’s not as hot as yours! Okey, what did you get?
Okey: I got the Schezwan Spicy Mix, and it is really, really spicy! It has a Chinese flavour, and a big piece of chicken to go with it.

Mona: Let me try yours, Tannaz...yeah, that’s not mild, but I guess it is by Nigerian standards.
Mfon: Mine is not as spicy as I thought it would be. The waitress told me I would be sweating!
Tannaz: I added plantain to mine, and I love it with plantain.
Banke: The portions are very generous.
Mona: I got the Jollof Mie, which is good, but, Tannaz, I like yours more. I don’t know why I got one with a jollof flavour! I think Banke made me order this.

Tannaz: My mouth is on fire!
Mfon: Honestly, it is quite spicy.
Tannaz: Banke, how’s yours?
Banke: It’s good, but it's not as spicy as I thought. I got the Sausage Indomie, Hooting Hot. But I like mine. It’s a nice mix of vegetables and sausages. And I love the plantain I added on top. 

Mona: It’s good value for money. This massive plate of food was N1,100.
Tannaz: I can’t believe I actually finished everything! 
Mona: Even though it’s supposed to be fast food, the food took a little while to come out.
Tannaz: Granted, we’re a pretty big group. Mfon, how was yours?
Mfon: I got the Frizzled Eggs, and I added sausages to it. It was good and really filling! I like the eggs inside. But I’d try the Dare Devil hot next time.

The overall experience was really good, and would we go back? Definitely!

Indomie Cafe
Circle Mall
Lekki Penninsula II, Lagos
t: 09087478615

Average Price 
Typical price of a two-course meal.
₦- 2,000
Value for money
5- Value for money and huge portions!
3- It has a nice ambiance, but the chairs were a bit too chunky for the space, and it definitely needed more ventilation, especially with the open kitchen.
3 - The staff were very friendly, but for a fast food place, it took a while for us to get our food.
Overall Rating 

Good for

A great place if you’re craving Indomie. Whether it’s a quick lunch, a meet up with friends or to get it to go, it’s a must try.




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