Spot of the Month - E Metro Bar and Metro Bistro

Posted Monday, 03 August 2020

For almost 20 years, the E Bar name has been a fixture in the Lekki social scene, being one of the first to open up before Lekki Phase 1 became the hotspot it is today. For the past year, E Bar has been going through a major transformation of its brand and space, while staying true to its original concept as a sports bar. Although under new management and adapting the brand to its more modern look, E Bar has evolved in many ways. The new name, E Metro Bar, is a reflection of the face lift it has undergone. The space has been completely renovated with a large outdoor area with its own bar and stage for their regular live music, while the indoor space has been modernised, giving it a fresh, new look.

The intimate snooker parlour still stands as the favourite spot to gather, with sports jerseys celebrating football teams adorning the walls alongside their feature wall of photographs, memories of their loyal customers from over the years. This wall represents the spirit of E Bar that E Metro has inherited and will continue to cherish.

During this transition period, a new space emerged alongside the bar: Metro Bistro. The bistro style restaurant was created to complement the bar with a refined dining experience. Having re-opened on Valentine’s Day 2020, on the verge of the statewide lockdown, Metro Bistro was not able to fully enjoy receiving their customers in-house and to welcome and serve them in their new space. However, although they can’t seat them in their new dining space or allow them to have a drink at their new bar or play pool in their updated snooker parlour, they have not abandoned their customers. Their kitchen is open for take-away and deliveries daily, from breakfast to dinner.

Their diverse menu, comprising Nigerian delicacies and Continental favourites, is still available. Their crowd favourites, which includes their generous grilled fish marinated in a red spicy sauce, their Full Fish Pepper Sauce with yam or plantain swimming alongside the fish, and a spicy Nkwobi, with ugba and crayfish, topped with fresh utazi. Other favourites on their new menu include the E Bar Special Burger, a mouthwatering beef burger with bacon and a sunny-side up egg on a sesame bun and a side of fries; their Creamy Seafood Pasta, a generous portion of buttery sole fish, calamari and jumbo prawns in a creamy tagliatelle pasta; and their special Chicken Cordon Bleu, a hearty fried chicken with a gooey center of ham and melted cheese and a side of spicy fried rice. 

Their food is comforting, exactly what we need as we go through this precarious period. It’s food that will make you smile, make you reminisce on meals of the past enjoyed in restaurants surrounded by friends and family, and food that will have you looking forward to the day their doors will be opened to guests once again.

E Metro Bar and Metro Bistro is eagerly awaiting your return. They are looking forward to filling their bar with the laughter of their patrons, their cheers as they watch games, the hum of the snooker parlour as players compete in friendly competition and the murmur of dinner conversations in their new restaurant dining room. There is a lot that we miss, but also a lot to look forward to. In the meantime, order in!


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