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Posted Thursday, 03 September 2020

What does it mean to live better? It’s a simple statement that encompasses so many different facets from eating healthy, living an active life and introducing routines that will reduce stress in your life. To live better is a collective of practices that have to be implemented in order to make a difference. You can change the way you eat, exercise, do yoga, meditate, take more breaks from work, but where do you start?

As the famous saying goes: ‘You are what you eat’, so that would be a good place to start and Shoprite makes it that much easier with their farm fresh products.

Just over 60 kilometers outside of Lagos in Ikenne, Ogun State, is a 283 hectare farmland where a range of animals are raised organically, specially for the Shoprite butchery. Fed only grains and never injected with hormones, with a vet onsite, the animals are raised with the utmost care. Each animal, from cows and pigs to sheep and goats, is inspected and certified before it is sent to the abattoir, and again after, when they go straight to a cold room to ensure that the meat you eat is as fresh as possible. Within 48 hours of the slaughter, the meat arrives at Shoprite, maintaining a strict cold chain to ensure the meat is never compromised.

The butchers at Shoprite are professional and highly qualified. They take pride in their profession with a respect for meat. Fresh meat that can rival imported meat and that is never frozen. It’s reassuring to know where your meat comes from and its journey to your home.

Shoprite prides itself on giving you a diverse range of farm fresh options which helps to make eating better effortless. From their processing plant in Isolo, hundreds of thousands of fresh fruit and vegetables, some sourced from local farmers while others imported from different parts of the world, are distributed daily in refrigerated trucks to their 25 outlets all over the country. Each supermarket carries a range of ready washed and cut fruits and vegetables, while their range of ready-made sandwiches, salads, fruit parfaits and more, echoes their promise to live better. 

Whether it’s fresh meat, fish, fruit or bread, Shoprite does not compromise on the quality of what they offer their customers. Every morning at 5:30 am the Shoprite kitchen is already buzzing. The breads are being prepared and baked while the food for the deli is being cooked and heated, ready in time for the rush of customers upon opening. The mouthwatering options are all on glittering display, so at any point in your day you know that Shoprite likes to take care of you.

Knowing where the food you buy comes from is a vital part of living better. Trust that Shoprite will ensure that your fresh meat, fruits, vegetables and breads will always be just that: fresh! Eat better to live better.

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