Spot of the Month - Indomie Cafe

Posted Thursday, 01 October 2020

In Nigeria, there is no bigger food legend than the Indomie darling. For over 30 years, Indomie has warmed people’s hearts as a staple in households across the country. The mention, sight or smell of Indomie conjures so many feel good memories for most Nigerians that it has become a comfort food. So, what better way to enjoy it than have the Indomie experts make your Indomie exactly the way you love it?

In 2018, Indomie opened up its first noodle bar, the Indomie Cafe. The first noodle bar of its kind in Nigeria, it quickly became a fan favourite. Indomie lovers now have a place to go to feed their addiction. Whether your mum made your noodles extra spicy with a boiled egg and chicken growing up, or if you like yours simply with plantains and a touch of spice, you can watch the Indomie experts make it in their live kitchen. For those who like to try Indomie in as many ways as possible, you can try one of their specially curated recipes, combining crowd favourite cuisines with the classic noodles, such as the Tropicana with a creamy coconut sauce or an authentic Italian sauce with the Italiana. Test your spice tolerance with their super spicy Szechuan Mix, measuring at ‘Dare-Devil’ on their Spice-o-Meter.

A live kitchen is that much more relevant during these Covid times, where you can watch your food being made right in front of you, knowing that every precaution is taken to safely make your meal, allowing you to quality control the process.

Even before the pandemic, the process of making your food has always been transparent at Indomie Cafe. Fresh vegetables are cut on site and ready to be added to the pan while your noodles are added to the boilers on the side. The sauces are prepared in their central kitchen to ensure the same standards are met across the different cafes, so any dish you order from any location will always be the same. The sauce and spices are added to the diced vegetables, and any protein is then stirred into the pan and cooked. Finally, the perfectly boiled noodles are added to the pan and lovingly mixed until every noodle is coated. Their menu includes some creative Indomie ‘Appe-Teasers’ including a fingerlicking Cheesy Chop, fried Indomie and cheese! How can you possibly go wrong with that combination? Or for those who appreciate ‘Dare-Devil’ levels of spice will love the Tongue Twister, the mix of Indomie, cheese and chili might make your tongue twist!

Now that dining in is open once more, you can enjoy your favourite noodles in their trendy space at Circle Mall, or you can still order in from one of their four locations. However you get your hands on the noodles from Indomie Cafe, do so with an appetite. Their portions are certainly very generous and perfect, especially if you’re hungry!

So, really the most important question is, how do you like your Indomie?

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