Gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Posted Monday, 09 February 2015

Everyone knows the best ideas for a woman on Valentine’s day are either sexy, sentimental or surprise. Your wife/ girlfriend is no exception. So don’t be overwhelmed this Valentine’s just because you planned to stay indoors due to the elections that are no longer happening on that day. With some advance planning. you’ll be all set to show your loved one just how you feel about her. Take a look below and you’re sure to find some ideas this Valentine’s…

Plan an activity

1.) Number one on the list of fun activities is the beach – now that the day is free, plan to take her on Saturday itself. It’s a perfect day out and the fact it falls on a weekend is perfect for the two of you! Or, if you’re nervous about moving around too much on the 14th, take a day off on the Thursday before and surprise her by saying you’re celebrating early. The beach is a great place to have a lovely picnic, drink some wine and share some strawberries and cream. If you’re looking to add a little bit of intimacy then you can arrive early to watch the sun rise or stay late and watch the sun set. Check out Pop Beach Club or any other beach for ideas.

 2.) Dinner & a movie– The Dinner/ movie combo may sound a little old school but it’s a combo that has worked for generations. Most people start with dinner and then they go see a movie afterwards. It can also set the tone to be in a dark room with both of you sitting close…. Well, you get the gist. If you are looking for a romantic restaurant in Lagos then check out Vellvett Grill Bar and Lounge or Eko Signature 1415 Italian Restaurant.

3. Take a visit to the spa together- Given all the stress of the last two weeks, a relaxing day might be more your speed.  Book yourselves into one of the many luxurious spas featured on our Lost in Lagos site here and well, relax and melt the stress away. Then go home and enjoy the benefits=)

4. If you’re looking for a gift that’s more traditional and that she can keep for a long time, you can’t go wrong with jewelry. Whether it’s a heart shaped pendant or a set of pearl earrings. Birthstone Jewelry is also an instant hit with most women. Your loved one will know you’re thinking of her. Plus, it’s timeless so your loved one can keep it for years to come.

5. Get sentimental: Write her a song, a love letter or a poem. Sounds sappy but if the wallet is tight this month and you want to show your loved one just how you feel about her, you can’t go wrong with words that come from the heart. Once she reads these she’ll know you’re the real thing because there aren’t many men nowadays who actually take the time to put pen to paper. Especially in a love letter. For the more adventurous, try a digital photoframe. Most women are sentimental creatures. Arrange your special moments together in a Digital Photo frame and give it to her as a gift. You know she’d be all yours after watching all your romantic moments together.

6. For the gift that keeps on giving, go out and buy her a special piece of lingerie. Lingerie is an all time favorite gift with majority of women. Women like silk especially and love the feel of it against the skin. So if you are intimate with your partner you can buy her sexy lingerie and she would love it. More than as a gift for her it would be something you can even enjoy yourself!

7. I’m not a big fan myself but chocolates do seem to be a winner for some women who like to stick to the traditional. Feed her inner guilt monster and reassure her if she’s a a fitness freak and obsesses about the calorie count inside.

9. Candle Light Dinner is always a winner.  Check out Lost in Lagos’ perks section to find out which restaurants are offering discounts for Valentine’s. Hand feed her at a candle lit table to some great music on a lovely night and say words of love. But make sure you team it up with some alternate gifts too like Flowers or even a chocolate you can share. For a nice twist, you might even consider cooking a special meal for her on Valentines Day because you know she doesn’t get that everyday! Try our Recipes of the week for some ideas.

10. Propose to her on Valentine’s Day: If you are going steady with your girlfriend and want to marry her nothing can be more romantic than proposing marriage and proclaiming your love and commitment to her by putting a ring on her finger. Try Pandora’s or some of the other choices listed on our site. Whatever your taste or budget, proposing on Valentine’s is bound to send a woman over the moon over you. Click here for more ideas on how and when to propose.

Valentine’s gifts can take any form as long as they exude romance. What makes a gift romantic is not you saying “I love you,” but proclaiming your love by putting your time and efforts in making a gift special for your loved one. Show her that you thought about her, her likes and dislikes, her peculiarities etc in how you prepare your gift. Then, if she’s worth it, when she finally opens it, she’lL know that it was the time and effort put in that makes it so special.  Everyone craves romance and even the simplest gesture can bring her close to your heart.


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