Best way to spend Valentine's if you're single...

Posted Monday, 09 February 2015

Although it’s supposed to be the day of romance and love, being single on Valentine’s can feel like the loneliest day of the year. It doesn’t have to be though. There are plenty of things you can do to revive your special Feb 14th this year, starting with movement! Yay, election postponement may have dampered your plan to have an excuse to stay in but we’ve got you covered. Read on for some ideas on how to spice up your Valentine’s Day this year- even if you are single.

1. Go on a group trip.
Why not…plan a getaway with all your other single friends to the beach or even the Lekki conservation centre? Does it sound boring? Well, I’m sure all of your friends would appreciate it and even be relieved that you’re the one who initiated! So go for it! Everyone can celebrate together and it will turn into one big party. Check out some beaches featured on the Lost in Lagos site for ideas...

2. Host a friends’ night in.
 Valentine’s Day or not, you shouldn’t need an excuse to invite your buddies or your girlfriends and just chill, get a takeaway and watch movies all night. And if your girlfriends aren’t in the mood for a sappy rom-com, an awesome action flick or a scary movie can do the trick. Oh, and be sure to have plenty of wine, chocolate and good gossip to take the night away.

3. Plan a night out.
If you think about it, going out with your friends on the night of Valentine’s Day is a pretty great idea, because many single (and hopefully cute!) guys and gals will be doing the same thing. Get yourself decked out and choose a fun spot for cocktails or pre-drinks with your besties that night. It’s highly likely that you’ll spend the night laughing and making fun memories out with the your friends. And hey, you might even meet someone new, too.

4. Pamper yourself.
It might sound intimidating to be alone on Valentine’s Day, but that’s not the case if you’re giving yourself some much-needed TLC. After all, everyone needs some alone time every once in a while. Book yourself a spa day—a massage, facial and steam room will feel decadent. Or, use some of those gift cards you’ve been saving to take yourself on a little evening shopping trip to your favorite stores. Then order takeout from your favorite restaurant and throw on one of your favorite movies. If you’re staying busy and spending your time treating yourself to a fun day, you might just find that this Valentine’s Day is one for the books.

5. Get set up on a date! 
If you’re single and ready to mingle, have your friends set you up on a double date with one of their single friends on Valentine’s night. Believe it or not, this is actually how a lot of love stories started! The two of them went out to dinner with a group of mutual friends as a set up, and the rest was, well, history. Ask around and see if any of your friends want to set up a double date or group date. Even if you don’t connect with your date, you’ll be in the presence of good friends and it may just lead to more dates later on.

But, best advice of all. Don't sit around and mope. We've got six weeks till we need to stay indoors. This is your night to enjoy!

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