Spot of the Month - Moist Beach Club

Posted Monday, 04 January 2021

It’s easy to forget that Lagos is a coastal city with a stunning coastline but sitting at the Reef at Moist Beach, it’s hard to believe such beauty exists in Lagos. The calm of the water is deceiving. The rough waters of the Atlantic are kept far away as they crash against the Eko Atlantic barriers, allowing Moist Beach to enjoy the stillness.

As one of the first beachfront clubs, Moist Beach captured and highlighted the most appealing natural feature of Lagos and made it even better. Their famous beach parties and their impressive performers, the Moist Tritons, awe their audience every Sunday. But beneath all those club nights is a peaceful space that embodies the serenity that comes with any luxury beach destination. One could easily spend a whole day at Moist, escaping from the chaos just outside its doors.

The magnificent, antique-looking, oversized doors open up to a direct view of the beach beyond. During the day, the sun shines on the pool, the beach, and the Reef. The subtle tropical ambiance gives the space a luxurious, relaxed beachy vibe. A constant breeze circulates throughout the open alfresco space, a gentle reminder that the Atlantic Ocean is not far beyond the Reef.

The breezy, bright orange flowers hang from the rattan lamp shades in the entrance, swaying over a large black octopus sculpture, as if underwater, a dramatic recreation of an oceanic habitat. Giant green tropical leaves adorn the main bar, drawing you straight to it. At night, these tropical features are accentuated with impressive lighting, bringing everything to life, a reflection of the underwater world that also comes alive at night. As you follow the path to the beach around the sexy sparkling pool and past the beach bar, you can’t help but be drawn to the Reef. The magnificent wooden structure stands on stilts over the quiet waters of the Atlantic. The soft lapping of the water against the beach sets the perfect mood.

At Moist Beach, the cocktails get all the attention. With electric colours and tropical flavours, it’s easy to get mesmerised by them. The first step to getting into beach mode is with a cocktail in hand, whether it’s a mocktail or with alcohol. From the strawberry and passion fruit daiquiris to the aptly named Blue Lagoon, the ambiance is set, the cocktails flow and the final piece in the beach puzzle, the food, completes the experience. Their popular platters are perfect for a group and great if you’re not looking for a big meal. But experiencing the Moist Beach and Reef menus are worth a visit on their own. Sit back and enjoy the sun, the sea and the seafood! Their fresh fish couldn’t be fresher. The presentation alone is noteworthy. The Peppered Croaker Fish is a one and a half kilo whole fish, chargrilled and peppered to perfection and adorned with vegetables and a side of sauteed garlic coriander potatoes. The BBQ Fish Fillet is marinated with peri peri sauce, a side of vegetables and coconut rice. The Fish Burger Sliders are also noteworthy and definitely a crowd favourite, especially if you’re looking for comfort food. But the fingerlicking Rack of Ribs, a half rack of South African ribs, are fall-off the bone good, and a great alternative to seafood. The ribs are smothered in the perfect barbeque sauce and grilled to give a smoky flavor. With a side of plantains and fries, you don’t have to worry about choosing just one. Lounge by the pool with a steak sandwich, sit on the beach with a grilled fish, or have a romantic dinner on the Reef.

No matter the ambiance you’re looking for, find it at Moist Beach. Take a vacation for an hour or a day and escape the daily hustle, escape to Moist.

Moist Beach Club
Ligali Ayorinde Street
Oniru Private Beach
Victoria Island, Lagos

t: 0701568888
i: @moistbeachoniru

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