The Screenciti Xperience

Posted Friday, 27 February 2015

The ScreenCiti Xperience is one that is new, it’s fresh, it’s innovative and it is a different type of Xperience. We bring movies, we bring an Xperience that starts with music, eating, drinking, networking and then…a movie.

The ScreenCiti Xperience is a mobile media solution that provides much needed outdoor Xperience at a location that brings people together. With a planned monthly Xperience at locations in and around Lagos, we are certain this will bring fun to movie lovers around town.

You may decide to stop by your local bar or lounge in the City of Lagos for a drink or two but with a movie Xperience, good music, good finger food and your favourite movie partner…popcorn, you are sure to have a good time in the comfort of your own seat.

The ScreenCiti Xperience will take away the stress of driving to a cinema in the Lagos traffic, parking and trying to get a seat. It’s all about convenience and bringing the movie to you wherever you are.

ScreenCiti provides the unique Xperience to all genres including private parties, live events, kiddies and also advertising opportunities.

For information on the ScreenCiti Xperience and future locations, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also send us an email on or call Jerry on 012915026/07066523522. 

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