Posted Wednesday, 03 February 2021

There is an incredibly positive energy that exudes from Cilantro. A long row of well-lit fountains and thick palms welcomes you from the gate to the main entrance, leading to a beautiful wooden desk. From there, you can stroll into their magnificent outdoor space, a magical garden perfect for alfresco dining. It’s hard not to be drawn to the garden. The space is simply beautiful. The combination of the stunning landscaping made up of giant palm trees, flowers sprouting along the perimeter and the centerpiece fountain, all perfectly lit to highlight the beauty of the outdoor space, will leave you reluctant to ever leave! 

Inside is equally impressive. The indoor dining space is adorned with elegantly crafted wood throughout, giving it a warm classic feel. The large glass-walled grill section on one side of the restaurant is a stark contrast to the rest of the space. A graffitied wall adds some spice to the interior of the restaurant, a little attitude to an otherwise sophisticated space. Cilantro has thought of every detail.

With over 15 restaurants across the country, the Cilantro Group has had plenty of practice to ensure they create an ambiance their customers will fall in love with. Each of their restaurants has its own identity, but as their flagship restaurant, Cilantro is home to everything the group stands for: fantastic food and a magical ambiance. The long awaited opening of Cilantro in Lagos couldn't have come at a better time. Their magical garden is a safe dining environment, while their indoor space promotes social distancing in style.

While the aesthetics of Cilantro are impressive, the food is equally impressive. Cilantro, a popular herb used in all types of cooking, is an adept name for their flagship restaurant. The menu marries the best Indian dishes with a diverse variety of continental options. For those indecisive gourmands, the Cilantro Non-Veg Platter includes the Classic Chicken Tandoori, marinated with spices, red curry and yoghurt; Fish Hariyali, marinated in a green paste made up of a variety of green herbs; Lamb Seekh Kebab; and buttery melt in your mouth Tandoori Prawns. Keeping with the Indian specialties, the Chicken Biriyani is a must. Spiced basmati rice, thinly sliced caramelised onions and generous pieces of chicken make this seemingly simple dish full of complex flavours.

The continental dishes may seem familiar, however, they’re anything but. The Grilled Lamb Chops sit majestically over a bright green mash, accompanied with a blond rosemary gravy, giving the juicy lamb chops an herby kick. The Pollo Funghi, chicken and mushroom penne, has a light yet slightly sweet cream sauce. The sweetness comes from the blended yellow capsicum peppers that are cooked with the cream. Weekends are host to grill outs and their selection of fusion pizzas will impress. 

By the end of February, Cilantro will open its doors and invite you to become part of the Cilantro family. Their mission is to give diners a safe and comfortable space where you can bring the whole family without compromising on the food. Welcome to the Lagos Cilantro!

7 Musa Yaradua, Victoria Island
t: 09021999999
i: @cilantrolagos

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