Celebrate Better!

Posted Friday, 26 March 2021

We know that offering your family a healthy meal with the freshest ingredients is important to you. That’s why at Shoprite, all our foods are fresh from the farm, baked and prepared daily so you always get the best, freshest food to your family at the lowest prices.

This Easter, we’re going the extra mile on our freshness promise by helping you reconnect with your family over a wholesome, healthy spread. You’ll find everything you need for a family Easter under one roof with delicious and nutritious food across all our in-store service departments.

When you walk in-store, you’ll find a range of the freshest fruit and vegetables. Use these sweet ingredients to whip up your favourite desserts and get inspired to make some nutritious side dishes.

Next, why not pick up some hot cross buns (and perhaps a slice of cake or two for later) from our bakery? Our cakes, rolls and buns are baked fresh every day so that you always get the best quality, for less.

Wander over to our Butcher’s Best counter to find the best cuts prepared daily to turn into delicious Easter roasts. You can check out our recipes page on our website for some more inspiration…

Our in-store deli has everything else you need to serve up healthy side dishes for your Easter feast. Each of these dishes is fresh and ready-made every day, for your convenience.

Lastly, head to our sweets aisle for some delicious Easter treats for dessert! Here you’ll find our scrumptious Eggs Galore mallow eggs that are perfect for an Easter egg hunt, as well as other delectable Easter chocolates and sweets.

Are you ready to get started on your Easter celebrations? Head to your nearest Shoprite store to live better and SAVE on your Easter favourites.

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