The Fat Butcher

Posted Wednesday, 01 September 2021

Nestled in a quiet corner of the Lagoon compound on Ozumba Mbadiwe is a quaint little gourmet butcher shop, a much loved local butcher with a big vision. But there’s more to this little shop than ‘meats’ the eye, pun intended! Inside this immaculate butcher shop, you will find a large selection of premium meats, from steaks and sausages to duck and ostrich, and everything in between. The brand was built to offer premium meat to the market without any compromise on quality. This cute little shop is just a small slice of a bigger operation. 

For those who like to pick out their own meat or need some inspiration, they can simply stop by The Fat Butcher, grab a little basket on wheels and explore the freezers. There is always someone on ground to advise you on the best cuts or give recommendations on whatever you’re looking for. But in addition to the meats, you will find complementary products, from condiments and rubs for your meat and chips to snack on while you barbeque, to their very own beer bread mix, a must try, and gourmet drizzles that can be enjoyed with cheese. Their wine selection, although small, is impressive. And if you want to try your hand at barbequing or even want to take it to the next level, they can not only supply you with a range of grill options, but the charcoal or wood to get you going. They even have a selection of pre-marinated meats and pre-made products that you simply put on the grill. The beauty of The Fat Butcher is that they’ve thought of everything, adding value to their core products, so you don’t have to. If time is of the essence, you can do your shopping online and have them deliver.

But The Fat Butcher shop is just a small part of what they are building. Their vision is to change the standard of the meat available in Nigeria by disrupting the system. They’ve built a state-of-the-art facility as their investment in the local meat market, producing better quality, locally grown meat, while elevating standards and expectations. For them, meat is an art form and there is a process that can’t be rushed in producing premium meat. There is a science behind producing prime cuts, one that they are mastering with the help of their ‘Fat Butcher’, who has over 30 years of experience. Their aim is to provide their end customers with consistently high quality products, while advising restaurants on how best to save on wastage and how to develop customised products and stock control, essentially streamlining their businesses.

Their facility has the capability of creating new products, including a range of vegan sausages, which they will be launching soon. They will also be investing in raising their own cattle while building relationships with farmers and educating them on the art of raising cattle into premium meat. The Fat Butcher values high standards above all else, putting hygiene as a priority in everything they do, so that their final products are always the best. The Fat Butcher will change the way you choose, cook and eat meat. As their motto states, they are there to ‘Satisfy your Cravings’, and they will do so in so many ways!

The Fat Butcher 
Lagoon Restaurant
1c Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island
t: 08147777777

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