Posted Monday, 01 November 2021

The most common tool for a farmer is the spade. Designed to efficiently move dirt, making farming easier, a spade is representative of sustenance. Perched on the top of the impressive Freshforte structure in Lekki, the beautifully designed Spades Restaurant and Lounge is an ode to the most important farming tool, epitomising their concept of farm to table. An upscale bistro, Spades creates gourmet dishes using the freshest ingredients, some of which are grown on their own Farmforte farms while others are sourced locally from other farms.

The ambiance at Spades is awe-inspiring. The contemporary design includes intricate details, from books on the ceiling and wood carvings in the bar, to wicker baskets and graffiti on the terrace. What makes Spades unique are the warm colours that accentuate the natural elements with the modern, the fresh greenery throughout the indoor and outdoor space and a fusion of different materials. 

Spades takes classic dishes and creates the best version of them. The culinary experience at Spades speaks of the importance of farm to table, where the freshness is evident with every bite. The generous portions of seafood in their Seafood Linguine is elevated with fresh herbs and plump cherry tomatoes and a touch of spice that lingers on your palate. You can’t help but smile because there is a sense of happiness that comes from tasting the freshness of ingredients. The smile is a common emotion triggered by the items on their menu. Their Chicken and Mushroom Tagliatelle is another example of the effects fresh ingredients have on a dish. A hint of cream makes the dish lighter than the average creamy pasta, without losing the depth of flavours contributed by the other ingredients. The Lamb Chops are beautifully grilled with fresh thyme on a bed of vibrant petit pois and crispy chunks of lardon, accompanied by a side of scalloped potatoes and creamy mushrooms that perfectly complements the lamb without taking attention away from the star of the dish. If you’re craving something sweet to end your meal, their Chocolate Cake will certainly fulfill the craving. The indulgent dessert is not overly sweet. The flapjack base gives the luscious cake texture.

The bar is an important part of the Spades design, bringing together the outdoor lounge terrace overlooking the lagoon and the indoor dining area with a shared common interest, cocktails! The barman is not shy with his creations, taking you through a number of different emotions with each sip. 

There is a clear distinction between experiencing good and great food. Gourmet does not only mean sophistication; it also represents the quality of the food, and it is clear that Spades does not compromise on quality. Call a spade a spade, but call Spades for an unparalleled dining experience.

Spades Restaurant and Lounge
Freshforte, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1
t: 07010000600


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