343° NORTH

Posted Wednesday, 02 February 2022

On the most romantic day of 2021, 343° North first opened its doors. It was a bold move that put them on the Lagos dining map, and they have been there ever since. Opening just a few months after a lockdown, in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, was a brave move, but braver still was opening a restaurant less than a year after the owners’ first visit to Lagos. But their instincts about Lagos were not wrong. A year later, on the most romantic day of 2022, as they celebrate their first anniversary it is easy to see their success. In the year they have been open, they have watched and listened to what their customers want and have made adaptations. 

When they first opened, the 343 brand included Twist, a more relaxed lounge space where food and drinks flowed late into the night. But halfway through the year, they noticed they needed more, so Envy joined the family. Where 343° North highlights their food and Twist offers food and drinks in their lounge until 11:00 p.m., Envy is all about the late night vibes. The sultry Envy opens from midnight and offers bottle service and music that will keep you dancing into the early hours.

While the upstairs expanded their services, the restaurant downstairs got a menu makeover. The modern fusion restaurant was best known for its Indian cuisine when they first opened. Over the course of the year, they have added a variety of dishes to their menu, some as specials while others have become permanent favourites. Their Pasta Wednesday offerings are a huge success, so as part of their one year celebrations they have added more pasta options to their menu, while their Indian offerings still stand strong.

Their pasta options range from the traditional specialty, Pollo Pesto, or chicken and pesto, made with a creamy pesto, fettuccine and garlic bread, to their more unique offerings of Chicken Cannelloni and Prawn Tagliatelle. Their cannelloni is a bowl of goodness, with every bite a surprise of flavours. Layers of minced chicken, cheese, spinach and tomato sauce, wrapped around cannelloni shells, makes this dish a favourite. The cherry on top is, in fact, a chili garlic bread on top of a generous cheese lid. The Prawn Tagliatelle is unique simply thanks to its sun dried tomato pesto sauce. The generous prawns are given a touch of sweetness from the sun dried tomatoes that are blended in the sauce, hence the red pesto. 

In addition to their pastas, the other new hits on their menu include the Spinach and Cheese Crunchy Bites. These little bites are simply addictive. Sharing may be difficult with these appetisers, so you may want to get your own plate. The crispy, crunchy bites are filled with spinach, cheese and a touch of spice. The sun dried tomato sauce that accompanies it is a match made in heaven. And their grilled salmon is an elegant new addition, a classic with its own charm. 

As the restaurant industry continues to grow in Lagos, it’s with a sense of pride we watch as restaurants succeed in what they do best. As the 343 family celebrates their first anniversary, it is clear that they will continue to do just that. They have their eye on the ball and their customers, ensuring everyone leaves happy. Anything less would not be 343. 

343° North, Twist and Envy
237 Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island
t: 08113867853


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