Posted Monday, 04 July 2022

It’s easy to be carried away by the overwhelming presence of technology in our lives. We’ve almost forgotten the days when we used to curl up with a book and allow our imaginations to run wild. Holding a book, the smell of its pages, the anticipation of turning a page, these are cravings from our childhood. Books are precious. They teach us, transport us, comfort us and guide us through so much of our lives. Reading to an unborn baby in the comfort of its mother’s womb, all the way to the point where that child can pick up a book and delve into the pictures and drawings on their own, learning about life through wonderful stories, these are precious moments that for most of us have become a thing of the past. Nothing expands a child's imagination more than a book. Somewhere along the line, technology became a distraction, and we became lazy.

BookNook is a representation of the conscious effort to revive the presence of books in our lives by the much loved chef, Uzo, of Uzo’s Food Labs. Uzo has made her dream of owning a bookshop a reality with BookNook. She has created a safe space where book lovers can congregate, where kids can explore and experience books and where self-published authors have a platform to get their work seen. Her goal is to get people to fall in love with reading again. 

BookNook is not simply a place where books are sold. Uzo puts a great deal of effort into making each customer's experience special. The centre of the shop has a collection of shelves, each dedicated to different themes, from ‘I read books to ignore my adult problems’, to a shelf for ‘young readers’. Uzo even has a little nook for her recommendations, which change every two weeks, as well as a collection of scrumptious treats from Uzo’s Food Labs. These little shelves have wheels to help make space when they have readings by authors. 

BookNook prides itself in ensuring that they carry many local authors, from the internationally acclaimed writer, Wole Soyinka, to up-and-coming, independent authors. They also want to make sure that on any given day that you walk into the store, you will be sure to find new books. They put new titles out on a daily basis, so you will always find that gem you didn’t know you needed in your life.

For the curious, take your time to browse through the hundreds of books. Let your fingers caress the spines to remind you why you love books. Sit in a corner and discover new authors or have a chat with whomever else is in there, because you know they are also book lovers. Let your curiosity take hold and your imagination roam free. For a moment, allow yourself to escape from this world and explore those created by others. And as you leave, take note of the wall of authors, a celebration of some of the most renowned writers, a reminder that each one of them has impacted lives with their words, historically to the present day. 

Gateview Plaza, 1st Floor, Block 31, Plot 11, opposite Lennox Mall, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1
t: 09095555124
IG: @booknkltd 

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