Avant Garde by Soul Chow

Posted Thursday, 08 September 2022

The newest neighbourhood spot in Ikoyi, Avant Garde by Soul Chow, is not your conventional space. True to their name, Avant Garde by Soul Chow converted a large, unusual layout into a space that experiments with its aesthetics and its food. The aesthetics bring together wood, concrete and chrome in different ways. The space, mostly outdoors, curves along a long pathway, shaped almost like a snake. On entering the large wooden gate, the first of many messages, or the writings on the wall, greet the visitors. As you continue down the path, the bar, home to some excellent cocktails, sits behind a large, carved tree trunk. The lone tree trunk is the only vestige left from the overgrown bush that was there before, a reminder of the transformation the property went through to become Avant Garde. The walkway throughout the space is lined on either side by spacious wooden cabanas with concrete seats, perfect for large gatherings. With 20 screens across the outdoor and indoor space, you won’t miss a beat when it comes to the biggest sports screenings. Their deejay booth is always manned, playing music throughout the day, and on weekends the stage comes alive with live music.

Their indoor space, with its glamourous gold and silver glittering walls, maintains the wood and concrete aesthetic, but with a more traditional restaurant feel. It is a perfect space for an intimate meal or a private gathering. Past their indoor space, Avant Garde continues, as does their concrete wall art, ending with a fierce tiger. 

The Soul Chow in Avant Garde is their secret weapon. Soul Chow is what makes the food stand out. For years Soul Chow has been the go-to for specially marinated meats and famous Jollof rice. Their specially crafted marinades and spices are the core of Avant Garde’s experimental menu. You won’t find their unique secret recipes anywhere else in Lagos because at the end of the day, it is about the food. People gravitate towards good food. This is what ultimately makes for the best gatherings. Understanding and getting it right is their mission. All the sauces and spices for each dish are made specially by Soul Chow. And because there are no rules in creating good food, they play on the adventurous side. 

Their menu is not complicated. They only put dishes on their menu that they know will put smiles on their guests' faces. Their Gidi Green Chilli Prawns, from their tapas section, are as fresh as they come. A generous tapas portion of gorgeous, local jumbo prawns are lathered in a spicy Soul Chow sauce, tantalising your appetite for more. From fresh to fresher, their Fisherman’s Dream Boat is a seafood enthusiast's dream come true. A mix of fresh calamari, whole grilled snapper and jumbo prawns, each spiced with its own flavours, swims in a sea of green and red peppers, large soft potatoes and a special butter sauce. Their burgers are famous among their Soul Chow customers, with a standing ovation for their spicy Lamb Burger, a very popular dish, often paired with their own version of Jollof rice, their Oriental Jollof. 

Avant Garde is not afraid of breaking the rules. They believe in being adventurous and experimental. You’ll never know unless you try! So why not try?

Avant Garde by Soul Chow
1 Polo Road, Ikoyi
t: 08109095570

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