Behind The Scenes Jobs in the Filmmaking Industry

Posted Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Have you ever waited to analyse the end credits of a movie, or do you just ignore them and move on? In the end credits, the names and roles of the entire crew that helped in one way or another to produce the movie are shown in a detailed manner. 

To an average person, the only people involved in creating a movie would be the Script Writer, the Director, the Producer, and maybe the Camera Man. But in reality, there are more hands in a movie than just them. Their roles might be important. Nevertheless, for a high quality movie to be well produced, an efficient crew of diverse individuals tasked with different responsibilities must be assembled, which is why we’ll be exploring the ‘Behind the Scenes Jobs in the Filmmaking Industry’. 

Location Manager: One might think that Location Managers are not needed to make a top quality movie, when in fact, Location Managers are indeed needed to give their input and search for different places where the various scenes of the movie will take place. The Location Manager creatively decorates rooms, spaces and places to take the watchers on a beautiful journey. 

VFX Artist: VFX is an abbreviation that stands for Visual Effects. The VFX Artist concerns themselves with the duty of manipulating film imagery in order to add a sense of realism to the movie. Not all movies require visual effects. Only a few genres need it such as the Fantasy genre, Sci-Fi, and the list can go on and on. 

Production Artist: The Production Artists are the creative brains behind the movie posters. They creatively design movie posters to look attractive, in order to appeal to the designated target audience who will watch the movie. 

Costume Designers: The Costume Designers are in charge of the wardrobe of the actors and actresses. They are required to read the script and style the cast in appropriate costumes essential to every scene in the movie. 

Sound Engineers: Sound Engineers are significant in every filmmaking crew. Imagine you’re trying to watch a movie, and you can’t decipher a word the actors and actresses are saying. How terrible would that be? The Sound Engineers are tasked with the responsibility of recording, mixing, mastering and enhancing sounds in the movie. 

Production Assistant: Most individuals won’t regard the Production Assistant as a significant role in the movie industry but the Production Assistant duty can be considered to be important. Why, you might ask? The Production Assistant takes care of the clerical work in the filmmaking industry, which may include distributing proper paperwork, making necessary phone calls, meeting the needs of the selected cast and making them comfortable.

Cinematographer: A Cinematographer is also known as the Director of Photographer and they work closely with the Directors. They are responsible for the cameras and light crews. The Cinematographer must be involved in the pre-production, production and even post-production of the movie. In other words, the Cinematographer is responsible for creating the colour, lighting and look of every single shot in a film. 

Gaffer: The Gaffer is also referred to as the Chief Lighting Technician and is assigned the crucial task of overseeing the lightning equipment, running the electric crew and controlling/creating light. The Gaffer must ensure that adequate lightning is provided in every scene of the movie. 


Written by
Oluwajeminipe Fasheun-Motesho
IG: @the_gemmm
TW: @oluwajeminipee

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