Posted Thursday, 06 October 2022

Ready-to-wear is the term for ready-made garments, sold in finished condition in standardised sizes, as distinct from made-to-measure. While we have a number of Lagos brands that make amazing RTW fits, here are a few hidden RTW gems.

The choice of fabric and cut on most of 14zeroseven’s pieces mean that they can fit into a variety of wardrobes as stand alone items or can be worn as part of a look. Pieces can be dressed up or down.

Creed and Crown
Creed and Crown is a contemporary fashion and lifestyle brand for the urban man. From their two piece looks to their suits, style and fashion are all-encompassed in every look.
t: 09095440007

Henri Uduku
Henri Uduku is a premium, androgynous menswear brand. The brand is inspired by global cultures and focuses on understanding what their customers want. 
t: 08168985318

Ili makes you feel ever-ready for every and any event in exquisite, contemporary clothing. Their pieces are made up of a blend of African responsiveness and a Western aesthetic.
t: 08167426472

Jon Pelumi
Jon Pelumi is a fashion brand that engages thoughtful designs through their creativity, fine tailoring through their craftsmanship, and inspiring change through their storytelling.
t: 08104699312

Josh Amor 
Josh Amor ensures fine tailoring with every piece that they create. The savvy man will have fun dressing up in any Josh Amor outfit.
t: 08142177526

From creating powerful pants with trains, to building tops with very severe, noticeable cuts and details, Mayetobs has created pieces that take wearers to a utopian world of genuine fallacy and surreal emotions.
t: 08026317268

Pantsng creates exactly that, pants. But not just any type of pants. They create premium, bespoke pants with custom fits for each individual.
t: 09076056652

Quintessential Ladies Store (QLS Fashion)
QLS Fashion creates simple yet sophisticated outfits for the modern woman. Whether you want to give the rich aunty vibe or dress like a sexy, young lady, QLS will have what you need.

Yanga Trybe
Yanga Trybe makes unisex, bespoke designs. They create timeless fashion pieces with detailed design and finishing, which showcase the diversity of Africa.
t: 08130959797


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