Spot of the Month - Casper and Gambini's

Posted Friday, 01 January 2016

Modern, classic-café-come-bar creates the comfortable and relaxing restaurant, Casper and Gambini’s. The restaurant offers both an al-fresco dining experience or a softly lit indoor restaurant experience. Situated in the bustling Victoria Island working district, it is at the centre of it all, offering a space for all ages from 8am to 1am daily.

The modern façade is a welcome architectural addition to the Victoria Island street drawing passers by in. The glass façade brings light in to the restaurant at all times of the day and in the evening presents an ideal situation for people watching and reflective thinking in a cosy atmosphere, sheltering you from nightfall. 

As you walk in to Casper and Gambini’s you are presented with the patisserie. Sitting at the centre of the restaurant, there is no missing the daily well decorated cakes, tarts and pastries, some small enough to pop whole in to your mouth while others you eat slowly to savour the taste. These can be accompanied by their locally roasted coffee offerings, such as the sweet smelling Cappuccino or the beautifully layered Oreo Latte.

Casper and Gambini’s best asset is their food; freshly made on request with ingredients sourced locally and internationally. The menu was designed by Chef Thomas, a chef with a creative flare and a well-trained pallet while Chef Pier is the resident chef, who manages the kitchen and ensures that every meal is cooked to an exceptional standard.

The BBQ wings are sticky and sweet with a crunch. Those are not the only things that are crunchy. The fresh and flavoursome Fig and Chavignot Crostini salad is delicious.  Fig and goats cheese is the perfect combination of sweet and savoury.

Seafood at Casper and Gambini’s evokes local pride because all the seafood is caught in Lagos. Hooked on Salmon is a grilled fresh salmon filet with basmati rice, fresh tomato ginger, drizzled with sesame soy sauce. The Seafood Basket is stuffed full of large prawns and calamari strips covered with the chef's own tempura type coating. Try dipping everything in the basket into the tangy and creamy lemon zest aioli. The Prawn Suya promises to be a favourite at Casper and Gambini’s. Grilled with local suya spices, the prawns are unforgettable. Tomatoes, onions and coleslaw are added to the dish to enhance the flavours while soothing the palette. And if you don’t think it is hot enough, there is a little side of more suya spice.

The Gourmet Mini Sliders are made with pure beef patties that are juicy and tender.  Some of the sliders have melted cheese, balsamic confit of onion and mushrooms all served with French fries.

An example of a succulent chicken dish is Chicken Under a Brick, where a half chicken is marinated in special herbs and served with roasted potato, seasonal veg with a homemade sauce. The Chicken Pesto Pasta is simply divine. This simple dish makes you question your ability to make it at home.

For something refreshing to accompany the mouth watering dishes, try the homemade ice tea that is made hot and shaken with ice, the Mocafe Cool or the fresh raspberry smoothie. The alcoholic offerings come from the fully stocked bar, where you can find classic cocktails, everything from margaritas to cosmopolitans.

There are no cutting corners with Casper and Gambini’s. The ingredients used in all the dishes and drinks are of the best quality, sourced from all over the world. The décor is chic and stylish and the staff are well equipped to answer all food related questions. This is everyday food at its best.

Kids will love Casper and Gambini’s as much as adults do, with such favourites as the M&M topped and stuffed chocolate cake served with ice cream and real chocolate sauce. The melt-in-your-mouth cake is something to shout about from the rooftops. Dessert is definitely not a secondary thought. The crunchy and fluffy profiteroles filled with smooth vanilla cream are scrumptious with or without the real chocolate drizzle.

Casper and Gambini’s is a great place for morning coffee, mid-afternoon brunch, lunch to go, dinner with friends or family, and pre-clubbing drinks. Or if all you want is a place to pick up freshly made bread for breakfast on those lazy weekend mornings, this is the place. The selection and display is worth admiring. If you are on a no carb diet, you might have to break it, the bread is perfect; soft on the inside and crusty on the outside. 

There really is no excuse; this is a restaurant where you can enjoy good food in a relaxing environment with exceptional coffee and delicious cocktails.


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