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Double Four

  • Area ikoyi
  • Rating 1.5 of 5

Tasty thin-crust pizzas and other larger meals such as chicken escalope, chicken with rice, fried or steamed fish and chips and burgers, are all on the menu at the popular double four fast food restaurant that's been going on for years.

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44 Awolowo Road Lagos

01 774 5770


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hopeless , avoid at all cost

FATPIE · June 14, 2018 · 1/5

So this was one of the most disappointing experiences of my restaurant week experience. I went to this restaurant with high hopes mostly due to nostalgia from its past glory days. I had the hummus with meat and kibble for my starter. This was the best part of the meal for me although the hummus was a little too salty. For my main I had the chicken escalope with fries. I honestly gave up after 2 bites. It was tasteless and I was unimpressed by the presentation. It looked like a cheese pizza honestly. For dessert, they only had the Lebanese sweet when there's also ice cream on the menu. I honestly wish I could have eaten it and judged it appropriately but I just couldn't get used to the texture. It looked like yougurt and tasted like partially frozen sweetened custard. Wasn't really into it. I wish I had gone to Sakura instead as they share a kitchen. All I have to say is Never again. Just happy I got a voucher and didn't have to pay for the food. Speaking of the voucher, the hostess almost refused to accept it insisting that we pay cash even though we had a voucher. After a couple of minutes back and forth, she eventually let us go. I guess they weren't properly informed. Honestly wasn't worth it.

Iyobz · November 09, 2016 · 2/5