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Clay Food Shop

  • Area Lekki Phase 1
  • Rating 4.0 of 5

Clay food is Lekki's first Northern spot that has given Northern Nigerian foods and drinks a twist that makes others want to try it.It is also a place where you can enjoy delicious and authentic African food, drinks and snacks and feel very much at home. Clay food is indeed the Hausa restaurant to be visited.

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Tue-Sun: 10am-6pm

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20a Babatunde Anjous Avenue, Lagos, Nigeria


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The only thing I’ve tried here is the Fura but I think it’s certainly worth trying. I love that they’ve given a Northern Nigerian drink a twist and made others want to try it. Fura tastes like yoghurt and I’m not sure what grain they’ve added into it (perhaps millet?) what ever it is gives it texture and adds to the pleasant taste of the drink. Clay is in Lekki phase one and the owner is also very helpful, she called other stockists of their products to see if they still had some Fura left when I came to buy some and they’d run out in the actual shop.

Shay · October 31, 2017 · 4/5