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Vestar Coffee

  • Area Victoria Island
  • Rating 3.5 of 5

Vestar Coffee is a cozy coffee shop located in Vctoria Island. They are known for their yummy freshly baked pastries and coffees, salads and other healthy meal options. The cafe is opened from 6am-10pm.

Instagram: @vestarcoffeeng

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26a Oju Olobun Close, Lagos, Nigeria



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worth a visit if your passing .A little shabby and dirty but coffee is decent .staff are pleasant but someone needs to buy them a mop and bucket and a duster

FATPIE · June 14, 2018 · 3/5

Vestar Coffee is such a delight to me. At first I wanted to protect it at all costs but I decided they were so good they deserved to be recognised and started telling everyone how great their products are. I’m in love with their caramel frappe it actually tastes like I’m in Starbucks and not like my 9 year old sister attempted to make a frappe which is what most Nigerian cafe frappes taste like. They also have a delicious chicken salad and sausage puff pastry. Their croissants are quite basic but you know what they get everything else right so who cares. One thing to note is their small outside space always has flies and insects around and last time I was there I saw a rat too. So if you plan to eat I’d suggest you stay inside but otherwise sit outside at your own risk. As a suggestion, incase any of the vestar staff read this, if your pour kerosene around the area daily it keeps the flies away and after about 30mins humans won’t be able to smell it. So maybe do that before you open up for the day.

Shay · October 31, 2017 · 4/5