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The Autobiography

  • Area Sangotedo
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The Autobiography is an upscale, elitist lounge with a bias for the propagation of positive African history, ancestry, and heritage through the instrumentality of music, art, cuisine, and literature.

We celebrate people of black ancestry, both known and unknown, living or dead,
who had or have made a mark on the African continent or elsewhere. Furthermore,
patrons of the Autobiography shall be subtly informed of very unique positive facts
about Africa and the African heritage, in a manner which is relaxed and not too
academic, in order to ensure the information is absorbed effortlessly by the

The dissemination of these positive vibes about Africa, its ancestry, heritage and
people shall be done through music, cuisine, events, paintings, pictures and
literature (displayed on television screens in the lounge), all geared towards
projecting the African image and showcasing its rich cultural heritage as well as
the accomplishments of persons of African ancestry. The whole idea is to tell the
story of Africa and its people from a positive perspective and shift the paradigm
from the single pervasive story of a dark continent whose people are inferior,
without history and generally degenerate.

It is pertinent to note that the Autobiography does not strive to create any form of
segregation or dichotomy between Africa and the rest of the world, rather, the
idea is to help both Africans and non-Africans alike, see the positives about Africa
which would, hopefully, lead to a change in the way African is generally perceived.

While we are aware that information on African heritage already exist in different
forms, the Autobiography seeks to serve these facts and information to its patrons
in a relaxed, fun and not-too-academic environment in order to make for easier
assimilation of these facts with little or no exertion.

In conclusion, having an African theme at the Autobiography, like the name
implies, is to present the story of Africa or its biography, in a manner which
engenders Africa’s inclusion in the grand scheme of things in the world rather than
its exclusion, usually shrouded in a toga of pariah status.

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