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Eko Tourism, Art & Culture Series

  • Area Ebony Life Place
  • Rating 0.0 of 5
  • Start Date February 24, 2021
  • End Date February 24, 2021

In partnership with The Lagos Ministry of Culture & Tourism

A monthly focus on the best that Lagos has to offer its visitors



February - the flavours in Lagos //mini food festival // chef demonstrations //tasting


For the love of food, this Valentine’s season will highlight the best of Lagos’s flavours, with a focus on meals and cocktails made with local ingredients. From suya to spicy stews, ofada to ogogoro, Lagos chefs and mixologists are creating exciting new concoctions that are putting Lagos on the culinary map. From buka to bougie, this is the true taste of Lagos!

Participants: Chefs, mixologists, critics, bloggers, restaurateurs, food manufacturers/distributors.

Women in Film

A celebration of women leading the way in film. From producing blockbuster movies, to writing, acting and directing, Nigerian women are a huge creative force behind most of Nollywood’s most successful films. We learn what motivates them and keeps them moving forward, in spite of the industry’s challenges.


Participants: Producers, directors, writers, customers, actors, cosmetologists.


Eko Beats

This month sees the hottest singers and performers, live in Lagos, to perform at EbonyLife Place.  A sure hit for music lovers in the capital of Afrobeats.


Participants: Producers, singers, musicians, promoters.


Easter Special

Religious Tourism

Lagos is home to the biggest and best churches in Nigeria, and believers flock from around the world to worship in these sanctuaries of faith. What’s the source of the attraction and how do these charismatic pastors continue to expand their influence? This event explores the tremendous value of religious travel and tourism.


Participants: Pastors, choirs, singers, musicians, administrators, broadcasters.

Festival of Youth

Celebrating our young people and all their contributions to the state - in education, business, the arts, media, environment, fashion, sports, politics, and the voluntary sector.


Participants: Entrepreneurs, educators, artists, media presenters, fashion designers, politicians and social change-makers.

Fashion Forward

EbonyLife Place will host a tremendous fashion show event with stellar models, designers and a panel of experts from the fashion industry.


Participants: Designers, manufacturers, models, retailers, bloggers, journalists, social media influencers and stylists.


Summer Attractions

It’s time to turn the spotlight on summertime fun - galleries, museums, movies, concerts, shopping, resorts, parks and beaches to see, and an opportunity for regional proprietors to pitch their resorts to guests.

Participants: Curators, promoters, retailers, resort managers, hoteliers, park directors, leisure entrepreneurs.



Social Media Mania

Enter the online world of the biggest social media stars and find out how they showcase Lagos to the world. It will be a chance for the celebrities of social media to step out from behind the camera and allow fans and followers to greet them.


Participants: Social media influencers, bloggers, social media managers, online agencies.



Performing Arts

Lagos has a lot to be proud of in this area. EbonyLife Place will host an event focused on Nigeria’s finest artists and artistes in the diaspora, showcasing their skills and talents in drama, spoken word and musical theatre.


Participants: Producers, directors, writers, actors, singers, poets, artistes, dancers and choreographers


October 1st

Independence Special

This event explores the significance of over 60 years since the end of colonial rule. The progress, the setbacks and the future of the nation are all analysed by experts in history, political thought, constitutional matters and activism.


Participants: Historians, social commentators, professors, media analysts, columnists and social activists.


The Home of Hospitality  

Lagos is the home of hospitality in Nigeria, with the most exclusive events and the finest hotels, restaurants, lounges and private members’ clubs. This is a great opportunity to enter this influential industry that employs tens of thousands of people.


Participants: Hoteliers, restaurateurs, lounge owners/managers, club executives, wines & spirits brand managers.



Health and Beauty

EbonyLife Place will shine a light on the best salons, spas, gyms, yoga studios and beauty clinics.  The month will highlight what’s trending in the world of Health and Beauty and provide guests with tips and information.


Participants: Spa and salon owners, therapists, cosmetologists, instructors, yogis and medical specialists.



Culture and Tradition

EbonyLife Place will shine a light on the traditional aspects of Lagos culture – religion, art & craft, jewelry, clothing, music, dance, masquerades, food & drink, language, customs, tribes and ancient practices.


Participants: Traditional rulers, priests, museum curators, scholars, writers, costumers, cooks, artists, sculptors, masqueraders, dancers, drummers and other musicians.

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