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Bistro 7

  • Area Victoria Island
  • Rating 3.3 of 5

The soft and cozy atmosphere of Bistro 7 offers gourmet style foods that you love to enjoy, from Italian pastas and pizzas to hearty sandwiches and well thought out continental dishes, all made fresh on the premises, including their breads. Complimented by their quaint Beanery on one side, this is a definite must on your restaurant list.

Operating Hours

Monday - Sunday : 9am - 7pm

[Extra time is available after 7pm on request]

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273b Kofo Abayomi Street Look for the Gold 7 on a white gate



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Fantastic overall experience at Bistro 7 Restaurant. The three-course meal was so delicious and beautifully presented. Great portions for the price, lovely ambiance and very courteous staff especially the waitress that served me.

Kenny08 · November 19, 2017 · 4/5

I'm going to start off this review a bit biased because bistro 7 is one of my favorite restaurants in Lagos. I visited again for MasterCard week 2016 and it stays on my fave list. Once you get accustomed to its hidden location you'll be fine. I went to Bistro 7 with my sister. Let me just point out that we were the only ones at the restaurant on getting there (second time in a row). This made it better though as we could enjoy our meal in quiet. My sister ordered from the standard menu while I ordered from the MasterCard menu. I had the chicken suya goujon for my starter. This was nice BUT I get the feeling the suya spice used isn't really suya spice, as I kept wolfing the goujon down without asking for water. For my main I had the seafood pasta. I asked for the seafood in mine to be switched out for chicken, which thy agreed to - extra points. Here comes the tricky part. My sister had the penne vodka for her main and I can bet you we were served the exact same thing. I've experienced this countless times in Lagos restaurants and will say it is extremely disappointing. You can't name two different dishes and then serve the same thing but on different plates. I was so disappointed in this but this is where my bias kicks in as I will give them a pass for the pasta not tasking like 'spag and stew'. Bonus points for the garlic bread. Though a bit hard, it was delicious. Bonus points for the complimentary bread served before starters as well. Those were buttery and delicious! And kept our mouths busy while waiting for desert. For desert I got the banana crepe which they did not have at the time -1 , so I had to get their sponge cake. I was not looking forward to this as I think sponge cake is a bit basic to go and try at a restaurant. I was wrong though as the sponge cake was warm, sweet and spongy. It also came with caramel sauce which I love. All in all my experience here has been consistent. I would go here again when I'm trying to avoid dissapointment.

Bolaji10 · November 27, 2016 · 4/5

I ate here with my family (of 4) during the 2016 MasterCard restaurant week and I will say that it was a pleasant surprise. The exterior of the building that houses the restaurant isn't a good representation of what the inside feels like. There's a garden space outside with a traditional pizza oven. I would have liked to sit out but it was a really hot day so we decided on staying inside. The interior of the restaurant is beautifully done. It's warm and inviting just like the staff. I ate off the MasterCard menu while my family ate off their standard menu so I was able to try a lot. For starters we had the vegetable spring rolls (which surprisingly came with a cream based sauce as opposed to the usual pepper sauce... didn't even try it) and the chicken suya (crunchy and not too spicy) as well as the chicken goujons with fries. They were all good. For our mains we had the spaghetti bolognese (the meat had an odd taste) and the penne a la vodka. The spaghetti was alright but I wouldn't order it again cause the taste of the meat spoiled it a bit for me. The penne was well done and the sauce was tasty but a bit too much was poured on so it tasted very salty. My husband went for something off the breakfast menu and honestly it was just ok. We've had better in Lagos. Overall it's a lovely place to have a drink (we tried the chapman and hot chocolate) or a quick bite to eat but it's wouldn't be the first choice on my restaurants to-visit-again list.

Iyobz · November 05, 2016 · 3/5

Ate here once during the master card week last year and its probably one of the best places i've eaten in lagos. The location is a bit hard to find but that can be overlooked. As soon as i got in, I loved the space. Cosy but not too small. It was also really quiet. I was in with my sister that day and we both had the mastercard four (or three, cant remember) course meal. I had calamari as a starter, pasta and garlic bread as my main. The garlic bread was OK. Not the best ive had just ok. The pasta on the other hand was divine, not too dry, not spicy and no OBE ATA in sight. On a whole id give this place a 7 just because i think the food took a bit to long to get to us. That being said, I haven't been able to go back , but its on my to eat at list.

Bolaji10 · October 26, 2016 · 4/5

Inconsistent. Pretty good space and I like that they allow for tweaks when placing an order, but the food needs some serious work. I have eaten here about 10 times since they opened and I have stopped hoping for a well cooked meal. Out of the 10 times I ate here, they got it right only twice. The pizza was good and the croque Madame was good 1 out of 2 times. Every thing else was a waste of money.

Zeegoes · October 23, 2016 · 1/5

Best pasta in lagos! I still dream about it. Can't remember what it's called but the cream was too lit. Loved the chicken too. The only downside was the wait-time and that they close early

Mowale · October 23, 2016 · 4/5