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Added a 3 star review to Shiro Restaurant & Bar on Oct 31, 2017
I really like Shiro! What I like most about it is the ambience. You can tell they went all out. I’ve been here so many times. My favourite thing to order is their rice and green curry it’s simply divine. Their sushi rolls are pretty basic but the ambience is great here. Great for dates, birthdays, whatever. Their Cubana’s outside by the water is such a nice Sunday chill spot both in the day and at night. Only thing I’d really complain about is the foul odour in their bathrooms. Something definitely went wrong plumbing wise that they couldn’t be bothered to fix. It also doesn’t help that there’s no ventilation. That aside. I’d definitely recommend Shiro to anyone. Quite pricey but definitely worth visiting at least once.
Added a 2 star review to Sugar Cane on Oct 31, 2017
To be frank I don’t think I’d ever go back to sugarcane. Everything here was a mess from their smoothies to their sandwiches and rice served with hard broiler chicken. Their prices certainly don’t reflect the meals served so I wouldn’t recommend this. Also their wait staff were supremely slow during my first and only visit. Perhaps they’ve improved but I will only go back if I’m not the one paying. That way no regrets. I’ll give it two stars for the nice space.
Added a 4 star review to Clay Food Shop on Oct 31, 2017
The only thing I’ve tried here is the Fura but I think it’s certainly worth trying. I love that they’ve given a Northern Nigerian drink a twist and made others want to try it. Fura tastes like yoghurt and I’m not sure what grain they’ve added into it (perhaps millet?) what ever it is gives it texture and adds to the pleasant taste of the drink. Clay is in Lekki phase one and the owner is also very helpful, she called other stockists of their products to see if they still had some Fura left when I came to buy some and they’d run out in the actual shop.
Added a 4 star review to Vestar Coffee on Oct 31, 2017
Vestar Coffee is such a delight to me. At first I wanted to protect it at all costs but I decided they were so good they deserved to be recognised and started telling everyone how great their products are. I’m in love with their caramel frappe it actually tastes like I’m in Starbucks and not like my 9 year old sister attempted to make a frappe which is what most Nigerian cafe frappes taste like. They also have a delicious chicken salad and sausage puff pastry. Their croissants are quite basic but you know what they get everything else right so who cares. One thing to note is their small outside space always has flies and insects around and last time I was there I saw a rat too. So if you plan to eat I’d suggest you stay inside but otherwise sit outside at your own risk. As a suggestion, incase any of the vestar staff read this, if your pour kerosene around the area daily it keeps the flies away and after about 30mins humans won’t be able to smell it. So maybe do that before you open up for the day.
Added a 3 star review to The Backyard on Oct 31, 2017
All I wasn’t really impressed by Backyard to be honest. I love the deco, vibe and the outside space. The backyard lol. The food on the other hand wasn’t too great. I tried their chicken tenders and they weren’t tender at all. They had been fried for far too long and could barely be chewed. The manager tried to tell us it’s cause all restaurants have a different way of preparing their meals. But come on Jeffrey I know when something has almost been burnt. As an apology he gave my friends and I some watered down shots on the house. A for effort, d minus for delivery. You can definitely go for their drinks though and the vibe too. I wouldn’t rule them out based on that alone.
Added a 3 star review to South on Oct 31, 2017
I really enjoyed South when I went. Both my friends did as well. The vibe and decor is extremely vibrant and I love the swing chairs outside. Their cocktails are all super yummy. So was their mac and cheese. The South egg roll wasn’t very nice but I don’t expect to like everything on a restaurants menu. The only thing that disappointed was the somewhat slow service but the wait staff were very polite. So was the manager. Definitely give south a try if you haven’t been yet.
Added a 3 star review to Livvys Twist Cake Company on Oct 31, 2017
I first had their marble cake for my mums 50th birthday and was sold as a result. I had to order it for mine as well. Livvy needs 48 hours notice to make you a cake so be sure to keep this in mind for any events. They didn’t have Ingredients for the marble cake when my birthday cake round and I have to say I wasn’t really sold on the substitute cake she made for my but definitely try the marble cake if its available. It is rich in chocolate and simply divine.
Added a 5 star review to Bongou on Oct 31, 2017
I consistently order Bongou wings and ribs for any parties at my house because they are so well made. They always arrive hot as well and I really like their customer service. Definitely a worthy addition as a side at any of your parties or worth it as a lunch treat. Their honey glazed wings are everything!
Added a 3 star review to El Padrino on Oct 31, 2017
I love El Padrino! The owner Uzo is the most bubbly person. It’s her personality that initially made me buy a taco but it’s the taste that kept me coming back. I love her tacos and salad bowls! They’re so rich and well made. I’ve tried the fish, chicken and pork tacos and burritos. I’ve also tried a chicken salad bowl and I’d definitely recommend all of the above. You can try them at taco Tuesdays or order for delivery.
Added a 3 star review to Kortleys NG on Oct 31, 2017
Kortleys has the best cookies in Lagos for sure. They are beautifully and artistically decorated and the owner is always very helpful and has never once disappointed with my chosen theme. Slightly pricey but I imagine it takes a lot of time to decorate each cookie. Definitely worth the money.
Added a 3 star review to The Harbour on Nov 24, 2016
I really and throughly enjoyed the service here. The staff were extremely friendly. From the receptionist, to the manager. The waiter was also an absolute delight. Foodwise- The mash was a bit lumpy but tasted ok. The Chicken with lemon butter sauce was nice enough and the chapman tasted like one you could get anywhere so not bad but not great. For dessert, the ice cream was nice but the brownie wasn't great. However i still enjoyed my experience and will definitely go back.
Added a 1 star review to La Spiga Restaurant on Nov 24, 2016
Dining at La spiga was a terrible experience. The Hoisin beef salad was horrid, they had smothered the beef in way too much hoisin sauce so it was way too sweet. There were huge chunks of onions and tomatoes that the chef couldn't even be bothered to chop into pieces. Literally just sliced off a portion of the onions and tomatoes and dumped it into the bowl. It was awful. The main meal was a continuation of the crap presented as a starter. The Jollof rice was tasteless (pilau rice indeed), the plantain was at least ok even though it arrived cold. The menu mentioned that the meal would come with peppered chicken but somehow arrived with goat meat and it was horrid. The waiter just said "sorry i should have asked". Meanwhile the only option was peppered chicken so asked me what exactly? Pathetic. Finally for dessert, nothing was available except ice cream and even that should have had three different flavours and instead came with two. Service was also poor because I asked for the bill a few times and 30 minutes later we had to walk to the bar to settle the bill there. I will definitely not be going back to La Spiga for anything. Save your money. In Simon Cowell's words, "It's a no from me".
Added a 1 star review to Bottles Restaurant on Nov 11, 2016
To be honest i was hoping bottles had improved but everything about the meal was terrible. Burritos- bad, brownie- bad, buffalo wings- bad. I guess the fries and ice cream were manageable. Oh the waiter was ok too. I think they should just give up and serve only margaritas and fries. I mean, after all this time, the food is still crap?! Sigh. I love the bottles ambience though. However, you don't get that vibe during the lunch hour so i literally have nothing to compliment them on for this visit.
Added a 3 star review to Samantha's Bistro & Grill Bistro on Nov 08, 2016
Samantha's bistro has a confused vibe to it. I know what they were going for but i'm not quite sure they achieved it. Food wise, the waffles were delicious. The Ice cream which accompanied it could be better though. Their fries were enjoyable and i really liked the mushrooms in the Poulet au Vin Rouge. The actual chicken in the sauce, was ok. The Cheesy garlic bread wasn't cheesy at all. I mean it had cheese but was extremely dry. Basically garlic bread crisps. The waiter was really polite but clueless about the menu. Had to check with the chef for every single thing. I'll give it a 3 star but i really mean 2.5.
Added a 5 star review to The George Fine Dining Restaurant on Oct 20, 2016
Sunday brunch is yummy! Nice staff, chicken wings and snails are great and so are their cocktails. The cocktails here were my previous favourites till I discovered Zenbah