Ajose-Adeogun Mowale



Added a 4 star review to Ginger Tapas and Grill on Oct 23, 2016
Got a platter and everything was yummy! They tend to not have a couple of things on their menu which isn't so bad because the ones they do have are great. Could just be a bit disappointing. Great customer service too.
Added a 3 star review to La Taverna on Oct 23, 2016
The service was good. Got these really juicy ribs. Won't forget that in a hurry. The Italian music got on my nerves tho.
Added a 4 star review to Urban Fuxion on Oct 23, 2016
Don't think I can ever get tired of their ribs/ pork chops. Too much sauce! I like the crinkle fries too. And the portion size is fine by me
Added a 4 star review to Bistro 7 on Oct 23, 2016
Best pasta in lagos! I still dream about it. Can't remember what it's called but the cream was too lit. Loved the chicken too. The only downside was the wait-time and that they close early
Added a 4 star review to Crust and Cream on Oct 23, 2016
I only had a light brunch but I definitely want to go back for lunch/ dinner sometime. The ambience is lovely, service was good and the food was great!
Added a 2 star review to Bottles Restaurant on Oct 23, 2016
Tbh, my buffalo wings were forgettable. I'm not sure if that's what they're supposed to taste like but I def won't be ordering that again. The fries were a delight though. And my friend's burger. Didn't appreciate the service from the waitress. Because we tried to settle our bill half in cash and half via a PoS, she flared up yo. She was legit raising her voice and everything.