Fashola Zainob



Added a 3 star review to 355 Restaurant and Lounge on Jan 25, 2017
I ate here during Mastercard restaurant week and the flavor of the food was surprisingly good. Most of the food I asked for was sold out and I started my meal with what was supposed to be a Caesar's salad. It definitely was not that, but the freshness of the greens and the light garnish was fantastic (I sorta expected much worse, and they served the best salad out of the 3 restaurants I visited during mcr). A good start to my meal. I ordered a chicken dish that was supposed to be stuffed with spinach and a slew of other fillings, but the stuffings came on top of the chicken...odd. Besides the randomness of the way the food was served, every bite of it was amazing. The food was not complicated and the flavors came out really well. In the case of the desert course, the options I wanted were sold out, so I got the only one available, a chocolate cake. They need to throw away the recipe for that cake and make up a new one that would have the consistency of the mix used to build houses. Terrible. The ambiance in here at 7pm was pretty terrible. A bit sketchy and seems like the space turns into a club at night. It was way too dark and the music was way too loud. I could barely hear myself think. Go there during the day to avoid that hot mess, hopefully the lights would be turned on and the music would not be blaring.
Added a 3 star review to Craft Gourmet by Lou Baker on Jan 25, 2017
A very impressive restaurant with an ambiance and design that far out weighs the food offerings. I went during mastercard restaurant week and I ordered the Spicy hummus with crostinis, beef shawarma platter, and oven baked cheese cake. The only good thing I ate here was the hummus and thank goodness for the healthy portion it came in. The shawarma platter is an insult to the word shawarma. The shawarma platter on its own is not even enough to fill a kid and even a kid without discerning taste would be befuddled by the lack of flavor in the food. Waste of meat. The cheesecake portion made me laugh for a minute when it came to me. I understand Buhari times are tough, but really? I received a quarter of the usual serving portion and for a big fan of cheesecake, that was fine by me. I could not even finish it after the first bite. The cream was tasteless and it had me questioning if it was really cheesecake. Meh. If you ever HAVE to grub here, stick to the hummus.
Added a 2 star review to The Orchid Bistro on Jan 25, 2017
The food here is less than 2 stars and the only saving grace here was the manager. I went during Mastercard restaurant week and everything I ate there had issues. From a soap tasting salad to a subpar shepard's pie that was begging for flavour to a slice of cheesecake that was not bad but for the soggy bottom that made the consistency of the cake very odd when chewing it. I decided to splurge a bit by buying the apple crumble and was immediately disappointed by all it had to offer. This was my second time going there and the first time was more pleasant than this. A little bit of issue also cropped up when I sat down to dine, I wanted to read a book on my iPad and mid read, I was told that use of tablet/computers are not allowed in the restaurant. I was ready to call it quits and go else where for lunch but the manager stepped in and his finesse in handling problem was surprisingly good. Somehow, I found myself dining in the beautiful outdoor garden area instead with flies buzzing around me. Not a fan of skin bites. Overall, I really should have gone elsewhere.
Added a 4 star review to Izanagi on Oct 23, 2016
Focus on the sushi and you'll be just fine...plus a padded pocket because the food here is not cheap. It may require upwards of 10k to get a filling meal, but you get the value for money and without worrying about food poisoning. The service here is also top notch, and to be on the safe side, call ahead of time to book a table before showing up.
Added a 1 star review to Bistro 7 on Oct 23, 2016
Inconsistent. Pretty good space and I like that they allow for tweaks when placing an order, but the food needs some serious work. I have eaten here about 10 times since they opened and I have stopped hoping for a well cooked meal. Out of the 10 times I ate here, they got it right only twice. The pizza was good and the croque Madame was good 1 out of 2 times. Every thing else was a waste of money.